Picture Pumpkin Block

Oh my goodness...I reached 50 followers! I'm so happy, I had no idea that people would actually want to read my little blog. Thanks so you much for making my day! :)

I had a different tutorial planned for today, but it's more of a wintery craft than a fall craft, so I think I'll save it for later. Instead, I'll show you what else I've been making with my Halloween scapbooking embellishments!

I call it the Picture Pumpkin Block. If you have a better name, please let me know because this name is awful! To make one yourself, you will need:

  • 3-4 inch wooden cube (got mine for 50 cents at the thrift store!)
  • Orange paint (acrylic or spray, whichever works for you.)
  • Pictures from Halloweens past
  • Halloween scrapbooking embellishments
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Mod Podge and a paintbrush
  • Hot glue gun
  • Newspaper to protect work area
  • Sandpaper (if your edges need some sanding)
  • Anything else you might want to make your pumpkin more you (distressing ink might be good!)
 This was my block. The edges were already sanded for me but it definitely needed a makeover!

Paint that block orange and let it dry fully. If you'd like, you could distress the edges and make it look old and worn. I wanted mine to be a little more vibrant, so I left it as is.

Grab some pictures of you and your spouse, kids, parents, friends or pets from past Halloweens.

Cut those pictures to a little bit smaller than the size of your cube. Mod podge them right on the sides. Repeat for all four sides and if you have too many pictures, get another block! Realize that taking a picture of a picture will never look pretty.

Twist a green pipe cleaner around a pencil, making a spring. Hot glue it onto the top of the cube for a stem.

Put it on your mantle and enjoy reminiscing. Since David and I have only been together for three Halloweens, I used the free side to spell out "Happy Halloween" Maybe after this year I'll remove the stickers and add a picture from this year. :)

I was talking to my brother about this project and he said he'd love to see a "picture pumpkin patch." Maybe when we have kids we can keep adding blocks and make that picture pumpkin patch! Happy crafting!

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Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Congrats on 50 followers!!! Id hate to say "i told you so..." so i wont ;)

LOVE your picture pumpkin block! and im not sure why you dont like the name....it fits perfectly!

Great job Amie!!!

Kara @ Mine for the Making

http://artoftheletter.blogspot.com said...

This is a cute project. Thank you so much for visiting my blog http://artoftheletter.blogspot.com and leaving such a nice comment. That made my day. I came to say thanks, and found that you have some amazing recipes. Really enjoying reading them all, and can't wait to try 'em out.

Lori@Paisley Passions said...

SO darling! Thanks for linking it up to Thrilling Thursday at Paisley Passions! Hope to see you again next week!!!

Emily - faliLV said...

Cute Cute! I am now following you! And thanks for the laugh - I have actually not heard that blonde joke before and I loved it!

Emily - faliLV said...

PS I like the name but you could do... Block-o-lantern (although it doesn't light up...)

Dannyelle said...

Another great Halloween project, and I love how you recycled the block. Visiting from www.lifeisaparty.ca

Jen @ EmbellishingLifeEveryday said...

Cute! I will have to make this with pics of my kiddos!


djjdjdjdjd said...

Love this idea! Definitely going to have to do this with my babies' pics on it:o) Visiting from Under the Table and Dreaming.

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

Hi, I'm new here. You sound like you have such a fun personality.

What a cute block, I'd love to display something like that with our Halloween photos. I think the name you gave it, although long, it's pretty cute.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

This is precious! I love the idea of a picture pumpkin patch...So cute!

Beth said...

Very cute idea. I love having pictures as my decorating and this would fit right in. Now, I just need to get a block to paint. Thanks!

Amy @ Chicy-Creations said...

I think the name is perfect! This came out cute, might have to steal this idea!

Unknown said...

love it! come on over and link up to MMM :)

Nicholette said...

You were featured on Craft Envy! Come swing by and grab a featured button!

Michelle@Sustainably Chic Designs said...

What a cutie idea! I am definately going to try this one! Thanks for the inspiration! I am a new follower!


Beth said...

I love this so much, anyway, I gave you a blogger award:

Katie said...

Thank you for sharing your blocks at A Crafty Soiree! I love the idea to add pictures to them. I think I need to make a whole patch of these for my mantle.

malia said...

-so cute
-great idea
-thanks for joining us at a crafty soiree
-hope you link up again tomorrow
-i'm your newest follower!

Crystal said...

This is so cute. It is such a fun way to display your cute halloween pictures.

Carolina said...

Such a great idea! And perfect for showing off pictures of the kiddo's Halloween Costume from last year!

I linked to you over at Pumpkin Week:

Amanda said...

I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I linked to this post today from the Home & Garden channel at Craft Gossip. :)

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