About Me

Hi, I'm Amie! So, you want to know more about me? I'm flattered! I'll do my best not to bore you. For a really intense about me post, click here. For the ADD version, please continue reading.

This is me and my hubby, David. I like him a lot, which is kind of ironic, considering when I first met him I thought he was a total creeper! Why? Well, because David and I met in an airport. (This is where I get the "airplanes" from in my blog name. :) Want to know "the whole story?" Read this blog post from my personal blog. The short story is: one thing led to another and we were married 12.19.08.

We lived in Idaho where we both went to school for a few years, and we just completed a ginormous move across the country. We are currently in Maryland, my place of birth! Together, we love to go out to eat, watch movies, play computer games together, and go on adventures. We are currently kid-less, so we have lots of time for us. :)

This is David. Isn't he handsome?? He just graduated from BYU-Idaho with a degree in accounting. He got an internship with PriceWaterhouseCoopers that will begin in January. David likes: playing video games (especially RPGs and strategy games), reading, running, dabbling on the guitar, gadgets, accounting, and his wife (most of the time at least :). He is one amazing guy and I love him to pieces.

This is me. I graduated in December 2009 from BYU-Idaho with a degree in Elementary Education. I don't currently have a classroom, but I love to teach kids in any way possible (I currently teach 18-month old to 3 year olds at my church.) Other things I love, besides crafting, cooking, and sewing include: a good book, thrift stores, free stuff, macaroni and cheese, pink, and blogging.

 Oh, and I LOVE cats. Love, love, love them! (Hence the kittycat portion of my blog name. :) This is my cat, Jellybean, and in my honest opinion, there is no better cat out there. :)

I am a member of the Amys in the Arts street team!

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