Trading posts, with denim!

Welcome to another addition of Trading Posts! This is where me and my bloggy friend, Caroline of Artfully Caroline, get together and craft. Yeah, bloggy friends turned IRL friends are awesome. If you missed the others, check them out {here}, {here}, and {here} This round ended up being a little short, I had just gotten back from NY and ran straight over to her place to craft and I was exhausted.

(Ugh. I keep posting horrendous pictures of myself. I'm gonna scare you away with my face! Please don't stop reading just because I look awful.) We played with lovely dark washed, light denim. Upcylcing at it's very best! Out of one pair of old jeans we each made a funky belt to add to our spring wardrobes.

I love how mine turned out! A simple denim tube turned inside out, with two rectangles to hold them together. Each rectangle had four eyelets added to include the lace up and a simply lace embelishment. This was my first time playing with eyelets, and let's just say that I am very far from perfect and Caroline had to step in and perform many "surgeries" to get out my destroyed outlets and redo them for me!

Caroline was really clever and used the old pockets as embellishments. Then she added a seriously cool buckle and a lace "skirt."

Can you believe that buckle was free? I love how each of our belts turned out.

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Kitty said...

Really really cute belts! You guys are so talented

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