Trading Posts- St. Pattys edition!

On Saturday I was able to meet up with Caroline from Artfully Caroline again! That's one think I love about blogging, you can meet people you never would have otherwise! It's so fun to have a crafty friend close bye. This month we worked on St. Patrick's Day crafts! (How come society never dropped "St." off of "St. Patrick's Day?" We dropped it off of "Valentine's Day!" I've always wondered that.)

We started out playing with Stella, my Silhouette. Caroline wanted to redo a green shirt for St. Pattys Day so I created a pattern in the Silhouette software. I cut it out on some freezer paper.

And Caroline ironed them onto her shirt.

And bleach penned the heck outta it!

 We ended up having a few extra pieces so we were able to add a border to the bottom too!

It was so hard to wait to see how it would turn out.

While we waited I busted out the yarn and twisted and double twisted two different greens together. I think this part took longer than the freezer paper stenciling!

I took a paper shamrock and glue gunned a rows if different shades of green ribbon to it. When I was done, I trimmed the edges and glued my "faux crocheting" around the edges of the shamrock.

And ended up with this! Wanna see what I did with it? You'll have to wait until the lighting in the basement doesn't suck and I can get a good picture of it. :D

While I shamrocked, Caroline updated her versatile tulle wreath for March!

When the shirt came out of the dryer, Caroline added buttons to the bottom. I think it turned out so great! I love crafting!

 I let her sweet little girl take a few pictures and she caught me doing another one of my favorite things! (Cuddling with cats, I swear I'm drawn to them like bees to flowers.)
Turns out she's not half bad as a photographer! Another 10 years and Caroline will have a professional!

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Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

you guys must have had so much fun! I love hanging out with my crafty friends and it's all fun and laughs. The projects you guys worked on are great. I never thought about the dropping of the ST (saint) until now that you mentioned it, hmmm.

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