Trading Posts- A new scarf for me!

Sorry about being MIA so much! I planned to take off just until Christmas to focus on family and then I caught something NASTY. I was practically dying on Christmas and I'm still getting over whatever it is! I'm so bummed, I planned to use my week off to craft my brains out but I've done next to nothing! Boo. However, I did manage to squeeze in a play date with a fellow craft blogger though! Caroline from Atelier Caroline is practically a neighbor and we were able to meet up for a fun day of crafting!

In the spirit of giving, we decided that it would be fun for us to trade crafting skills. I brought my lovely bead caddy (that the hubby bought me for Christmas) and she let me dip into her fabric stash!

Remember this from the Mine for the making giveaway? Caroline really liked it and so I helped her make one especially for her!

I LOVE how it turned out! It's amazing what teamwork can do huh? We combined some of my supplies and some of her beads to create this fantastic necklace for Caroline! What was my prize?

A few weeks ago, Caroline linked this up to my Holiday Gift Ideas party. I LOVED it and immediately wanted one for myself.

I got it. :) She had just enough of the lovely green chiffon and gold silk to make a scarf for me. Only...mine and RUFFLES. Know how she made them??

THIS beauty! A ruffler foot, pretty much THE most amazing piece of equipment ever invented! I NEED one of these, just attach it to your machine and it makes perfect ruffles. So more pulling on threads!

Do you see those beauties? Love it! I really need one of those!

We had a blast crafting together and intend on doing it again soon! Keep your eyes peeled for a future trading post. :) And stay tuned for tomorrow, I've got my "Top 10 of 2010" post coming up! Happy New Year everyone
(Is it two thousand eleven or twenty eleven?)

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The Loops said...

Whoa I like that necklace! Where's that been all my life. Etsy please!

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