A proud, proud day

Phew! I have been so incredibly busy this week! I can't believe it's almost Friday! I feel like it should be Tuesday. Between the fantastic three day weekend, my little brother's graduation, working as much as I do, AND prepping for a fantastic garden party I'm am beyond pooped. Yeah, excuses excuses.

I got to visit my fantastic grandparents in PA over the long weekend for the first time since Thanksgiving. I love it there, in a tiny town life just seems so much more peaceful. We watched tons of movies, ate the best kinds of foods, and relaxed the weekend away. Didn't even use my new laptop! And didn't notice either. I love that.

On Tuesday we celebrated my little brother's high school graduation. He graduated from the same high school I did, in the exact same place too! Only mine was exactly 6 years ago, hard to believe I'm closer to my 10 year reunion than I am to my actual graduation. I am so proud of him!

Little sister {who is NOT my twin, she is 9 years younger than me}, little brother, and me.

Dad, little brother, Mom.

Husband, photobombing little sister, little brother. Sadly my other little brother wasn't able to attend because he is still on {his mission} in Seattle, Washington. But he will be home in August, we are so excited to have him home again. :)

Did I mention that his graduation took place in DC? Oh how I love living near such a historical city. If you've never been to DC you should book your ticket now and come! It is one of my most favorite places in the world. Except when it's over 100 degrees outside. Then it isn't that fun...because Maryland is HUMID. Normally I don't mind, but when it's that hot...gosh. You melt.

Can I show off my little brother one more time? Isn't he so handsome? Plus he's super smart, going to a great college and way fun. I will not allow him to date anyone, since he can't date till he's 45, but if you want to get on the waiting list send a girlfriend app in now!

Tutorial and garden party pictures to come later this week.


Chris King said...

Awesome post.

Courtney said...

It's crazy how you blink and it's like, "What?? ___ many years have passed since I graduated high school??" My 5 year is next year. Crazy.

My brother graduated last year and it was quite eventful. The wind was really crazy and it was outdoors. We tried keeping count of how many people lost their hats, stoles, etc. Too many to count.

Then we hear someone saying, "Is Ben (my brother) wearing an honor stole?" Yea, so my brother was not the studious student. He just didn't really care. But apparently he had convinced some kid on the FRONT ROW to pass back his honor stole once he graduated. And my brother wore it. We thought, there's no way he'll make it past the vice principal (who told them when to walk). They all knew him in the office. But he did! He claims he's the first 2.0 honor student. And that he had more embellishments than me. Because he got a cord for giving blood. They didn't offer that when I was in school. And I actually EARNED my honor stole! But it was crazy funny and made the night so much better!

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