What I like Wednesday- Trading Posts 2, Valentine hearts!

Time for another round of Trading Posts! (Remember the first round a few weeks ago?) I met up with Caroline from Atelier Caroline again for another fun crafty play date! It's so fun that a fellow blogger ended up living so close. :)

We decided it would be fun to make little Valentine's Day hearts the same way she made Christmas ornaments! She taught me a cool trick to sew with satin! Just place tissue paper on top and it makes sewing with slippery stain sooo much easier!

Just sew right on top! It was so bizarre to sew with someone else's machine...I felt like a complete novice sewer all over again! Not that I'm any expert or anything.

Then just tear off the tissue paper! Brilliant I tell you.

 Then just cut em out.

Turn em right side out and stuff them!

Caroline has this super cool attachment for her sewing machine (other than a ruffler foot) called a top stitching foot! It was supposed to make top stitching easier...but it was super weird to work with. I definitely need to try that one again.

Once they were all stuffed and top stitched....

We went totally crazy decorating them!

It was so much fun to sift through our stashes and find different things to glue to them.

Now that I have 6 decorated hearts...I need to find something to do with them!  Stick them in a bowl? Glue them to a wreath? Ohhh the possibilities.


Caroline @ Atelier Caroline said...

I'm dying to see what you did with the sixth one ... you need to send me a picture

Little Treasures said...

Love this! The ultimate result is so cute!
P. S Thank you for dropping by!

Christa Johnson said...

what a agreat idea!! I think maybe putting them on your couch as accent pillows would be adorable!
I simply love all your ideas!! I need to steal your brain! o.k., maybe I will just steal your ideas instead..he he he
Christa Johnson at johnsonstories.blogspot.com or johnsonfam2001@hotmail.com

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