Tutorial Tuesday- Heart Garland

Sorry I'm late today! I'll spare you the VERY long story consisting of idiotic doctors, frustrating insurance, a lot of wasted time, even more wasted money and many colorful words. Regardless, here I am, with a lovely tutorial for you! I know I'm probably not the first person who's thought of this, but *I* thought it was a good idea so here it goes!

Heart garland! Now, before I get on with the tutorial, let me tell you a little secret. I am an AWFUL decorator. Seriously. I have no idea how to make a room look good. I can't arrange pictures well, I don't know what kinds of paints look good together, my furniture is all mismatched, and I rarely decorate for holidays aside from a few small things. It's just one of those areas I'm really weak in. Ironically, my husband does all our decorating. He has a better eye for it. I don't. I really, really, really don't. That's why you rarely see pictures of my home, because I feel like my decorating skills are so far inferior. So, here is my truly pathetic attempt at decor. Just lie to me and say it looks good.

You will need:
  • Glue gun
  • Matching ribbon
  • Fabulous foam glitter hearts (found mine at Joann's, 40% off!)

I just worked straight from the spool of ribbon because I'm lazy and don't like to measure things. My foam hearts came in a pack of 12, 6 plain, 6 glittery. Lay down a heart, stretch some ribbon over it, and squiggle a line of hot glue over the ribbon. Quickly put the matching glittery heart on top of the hot glue, lining up the shapes.

Continue until you've used up all your hearts. Easy peasy!

Now that I look at it I think I would have liked to make it longer, alternating a plain heart with a glittery heart with a square of felt as a backing. Because that short little garland doesn't look very good right there. (Yuck, please excuse my hallway. We live in a basement and we get very little natural light.) Remember that Changing Leaves Wall Art from this post? Even though it's out of season I still love it. And that really cool white board/corkboard/coat hanger thingy? Six bucks at Goodwill in PERFECT condition. It's amazing what people donate!

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Brooke Anna said...

Hey! I love this idea. Sweet and simple. It does look good, nothing HAS to be perfect. I'm having a heart box themed Ni Hao Ki Lan party for my little girl and am trying to come up with DIY thrifty/frugal decor. I will make note of this!

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