15 things you never needed to know about me

Sorry about the lack of Foodie Friday this week! I spent the day at my parent's house and the hubs came back from a week long business trip so I was a bit busy that day. :) But no matter, there is a GREAT Foodie Friday coming up this week!

Amie (great name, huh?) from the fantastic blog Pinkapotmus tagged me for this fun little number! And since I rarely pass up on an opportunity to talk about myself (read: I'm in the middle of several projects right now and don't have anything crafty to post about) I thought I'd join in the fun!

1. I can speak lolspeak. (Please see "I can has cheezburger?" for more information.) I literally say things in normal, everyday conversation, like "I can has dat pen?" or (speaking to the cat) "Does her want some fuds??" I speak normally when I'm out in public, but when I'm at home or with my friends I often say things in lolspeak. I just think it's so much fun! (Feel free to unfollow the loser that I am now.)

2. I HATE it when people call our nation's capital "Washington." (ack! I just cringed a little typing that.) You can either call it "Washington DC" or just "DC." DO NOT call it "Washington," "Washington" is a lovely western state where my brother happens to be serving a mission. Being from DC I am allowed to have strong feelings about it.

3. I'm a Mormon. I try not to talk about my religious views on the blog for several reasons, but I love the Lord and I love my church. My beliefs bring me so much happiness.

(This is where I got married. Beautiful, isn't it?)

4. I have a little bit of an anger problem. When I get mad, I get MAD!! I'm not one to break things or scream at the top of my lungs (usually...), I'm more the kind that will give you the silent treatment for the rest of your life and imagine you getting hit by a truck.
When I was a sophomore in college my roommates and I liked to have photoshoots. For this particular one we did the seven deadly sins. When we were assigning the sins to each person and we got to my time, there was an immediate "wrath" consensus between everyone. Though I'm not proud of the anger I have sometimes, I do think this is a terrifyingly good picture.

5. I can make a very convincing dolphin noise. I don't do it very often though because it's SO LOUD and everyone stares at me.

6. I have to leave the house in order to feel like I've done anything productive during the day. Even if I only go out to the store and buy milk, I feel more productive than I would sitting at home and sewing birthday presents for 6 hours.

7. When I got the 6th Harry Potter book (at the midnight party of course) I sat down and read the entire thing, cover to cover, in less than 12 hours. I didn't go to sleep and I didn't eat. I didn't do the same thing for the final book because I wanted to "savor" it a little more. HA! I was still done with it within 24 hours. Oh, and just because I KNOW you were wondering, if I were to order the 7 books from favorite to least favorite it would be: 3, 6, 7, 4, 2, 1, 5.

8. I have never broken a bone, never had stitches, and never had surgery. (vigorously knocking on wood) The only reasons I've ever had to visit the hospital were because of sicknesses, not injuries.

9. I LOVE watching a new movie/tv show and figuring out where I've seen all the other characters! I'm pretty skilled at it too. If you say "What other movie was that guy in?" I'll probably know. This drives my husband nuts, because I'm always like "That's the girl from "A Series of Unfortunate Events!" or "You know him better as "Professor Slughorn." Whenever I finish watching a movie I'm always on Internet Movie Database looking up all the characters and seeing what other movies they've been in. I especially love doing this with cartoons, because I can't see the actors faces and it makes it all the more challenging.

10. Depending on how you define "kiss" I either got my first kiss when I was 4 or when I was 18.
11. I am a self proclaimed cuddle whore. I can't fall asleep without cuddling with my hubby first (when he was gone all last week I had to substitute in a giant stuffed bear he gave me) and half the reason I love cats is because they are so cuddly. I think I'm cuddling with someone/something for at least a few hours every day.

12. I love to cook! Seriously, if I didn't have to clean up, I would be cooking all the time.

13. I'm allergic to bubble bath (big sad face.) I've never had the luxury of doing this:

Sometimes I want to try to take one just to see if I'm still allergic, but the though of hundreds of angry red hives covering my body always scares me off.

14. I took French all throughout high school and even a little in college but I can only say a few phrases now. This makes me sad.

15. I will gag to the point of throwing up if I touch soggy bread in the sink. GROSS!!!!

And now I'm supposed to tag 5 people, though I'm not sure all 5 of you enjoy talking about yourselves as much as I do. I tag:

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Kimbo at A Girl and a Glue Gun
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Kara said...

so fun! i cant wait to have the time to do this! :) Thanks for tagging me!

i agree completely with #12, my husband and i do #9, and I am saving #7 for when Luci is old enough to understand...I want to read them all with her.

LOVE this post :) its fun learning more about my friends in blogland

Courtney said...

I totally do the whole, Where have I seen this person?, during movies and shows. I don't even wait until it's over. You'll see me in movies tucking my phone under my jacket so I can look stuff up. I'm an IMDB addict. It's one of my top used apps on my phone. It will drive me insane if I think I know someone and I don't look it up to see from where I know them.

Also, I read the last HP book starting from like midnight until 5 AM. I'm like a nascar reader. I do that with a lot of books. I have to be careful not to start a really good book too late at night.

And I agree about the cooking thing. LOVE cooking. HATE cleaning up.

I would probably get a spoon and scoop the bread. I hate touching dirty dishes. I have no problem unloading the clean dishes away, but DESPISE loading the dishwasher. And I can't stand it when someone leaves a sink full of dirty water. One of my biggest pet peeves. I refuse to stick my arm in that water to pull the drain. So you'll usually see me looking for a really long spoon or something to wedge the drain stopper out.

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

have you met me? I never pass down an excuse to talk about myself. Number 9 is soooo me! we just watched a movie that had--the guy from taken...the guy from avatar....the guy from...oh crap! what movie is he from?

AmieAnn said...

These are awesome! Love the picture of you and I loved Harry Potter too.. now my daughter is reading them. BTW I am celebrating the AWESOMENESS of AMIE's so I featured you on my blog.. check it out @ http://pinkapotamus.blogspot.com/2011/01/pink-hippo-party-11.html

Claire said...

Amie!!! I just had to say that I miss your LOLspeak! Also, I agree on #2. Miss you guys!

Emmy Johnson said...

Hypoallergenic bath soap?

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