My birthday in crappy phone pics

I know, soooo totally last week. But I've been sick all week and haven't had the energy to post, sooo you get to hear about it now. Yay!



Funny how David bought be that super expensive camera and yet I am updating with crappy phone pics. Sorry honey...I just don't always lug around that huge thing when I'm driving home from church and see...

Giant fiberglass chickens! On the side of the road. Next to an antique shop. My dad thought they were hilarious and I thought it matched my $13 Target clearance dress very nicely!

Easter egg hunting. Never thought I would see my grandparents fighting over eggs with my little sister. Ahh, family. :)

SO MUCH CHALK. Best afternoon ever.

Wrapped the day up with homemade pretzels and Skyping with my little brother. Can it get much better? I submit that it cannot!!

....I'll have something worthwhile to post soon. A recipe, maybe a craft too!

PS. Instagram is on Android now! Feel free to follow me: amienallen

Yay instagram!! There is so much social media to keep up with.


Bianca said...

Well, even though it's a bit late; Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Amieeeeeeee, happy birthday to you!!
Hope you had a fun day (love those chalk-drawings, so much fun with kids but adults too!)and are feeling better now.
Hug, Bianca

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like you had a fabulous day!

(It makes me giggle that it's spelled 'birtday' in chalk! Isn't it always harder to spell when we write bigger? So fun! ;-) )

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