Oh yeah, this is a craft blog!

When was the last time I actually posted something crafty I'd done? Geeze, I don't even wanna know. I promise I still do crafty things, but lately it's been working on jewelry, filling orders, and the like. Ah, the life of a handmade sorta business owner. The shop is going through some fun changes right now, I can't wait to show you everything I've been working on!!

I've been working on a great Amy Butler bag! The fabric isn't Amy Butler....it's Joann, but I thought it was really cute and you know how obsessed I am with gray and yellow. I added the monogram using my Silhouette (named Stella...it'll make sense in a second.) and I love the touch it adds!

The other night {Meg} and I got together and crafted the night away. Using a ruffler foot (great invention!!) we made these fantastic ruffled bookmarks. Took about 10 minutes each, pair it with an Amazon giftcard and you've got a great gift for a reader!

There are sooo many sewing projects on my to do list! I've really missed Bella! (My sewing machine. Stella and Bella are my BFFs)

What's been on your crafty plate? Share with me, I love new ideas!

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julibchickadee said...

That t-shirt with the bow sleeves is adorable! Can't wait to see your bag you're working on too!

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