I'm on GigisPetals!

Hello friends. I'm sick in bed today but I wanted to let you in a super amazing awesome deal going on right now.

These super cute, super springy, super study filigree mum rings are only $3.50 on {GigisPetals}

I really like them, I mean, I made them, so I should like them. But c'mon, they're super cute right?
Nice matt mums, contrasting shiny ring bases. So springy!

And they come in six pretty colors!

Ok, I've blabbed about them enough. I'd love it if you shared the word! And if you decide you like me enough to want to buy one (or twelve), mention this blog post at checkout and I juuuuust might throw in a super special something extra. Maybe a coupon code, maybe some earrings, ohhh secrets are fun aren't they? ;)

1 comment:

julibchickadee said...

Feel better soon chica! Cute flowers. :-)

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