Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! Mine was filled with egg coloring, Easter egg hunts, tons of candy, ham, birthday cake, and presents!

Yes, today also happens to be my 25th birthday. Quarter of a century old, holy crap! I know, it's really not that old....but last I checked I was 21, and the time I checked before that I was 16. Quarter of a century is huge!! And I have a feeling this is gonna be a good year of my life. It's all nice and even....well, not EVEN, but you know what I mean, right? Just pretend you do.

Yeah! Just you wait, I'll have lots of fun things to talk about now that I'm all even and such. 

I've only shared my birthday with a holiday a few times, but I'm so glad it's always Easter. I am a religious person, and it is so wonderful to spend part of my special day being uplifted by inspiring messages of redemption and love. Easter is a such a glorious time of year, a great time to "start again." 

But, being the selfish human that I am, I still managed to squeeze in some birthday fun. But honestly, I can't think of anything much more fun than scrambling the house for Easter eggs with 6 other adults, fighting over them until they smash. Or eating ham and cheesy potatoes until I want to throw up. Or filling up on so many jellybeans I might overdose. So it worked out well. Mm, such a great day. I'll update you with pictures later, I have literally ZERO bars here and I can't send any of my pictures to myself. Ah well, you're probably in a candy coma too. :)

Hope you all had a great Easter! Real life starts again tomorrow, so you can expect your regularly scheduled totally sporadic posting soon. :)


Jean said...

O.k. so congrats on your birthday...
your just a baby... what can I say..
Our youngest will be 27 in June! Awww
but today we celebrated with our oldest daughter her 33rd was on Thursday!
Happy Easter too... what a wonderful day we had!
So... a question if you don't mind! We just watched the "He Is Risen" video for the Church... how did you get it onto your blog like that?
Do you have to have an app or something? Just wondering... because I would like to post some of the Church video's like the new Bible video's etc... and can't quite figure it out?
I would appreciate any help in this matter you can give me. Thanks
Jean C. djcogdill@q.com

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Happy Birthday!!
21 doesn't feel so far off for me either (but it's actually been 12 years since I LEFT on a mission--so, yeah :)

Sherie said...

I know it! Easter is my favorite holiday of all. Just to think that He IS risen. It overwhelms me. The sun, the renewal of the earth, its all about the Resurrection. And jelly beans and Peeps to boot. What more could a gal ask for!

julibchickadee said...

Happy Birthday Amie!!! I hope that it was great! :-)

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