The Amish Market

Do they have Amish markets where you are?? I sure as heck hope so, because they are awesome. AWE. SOME. It's like an epic farmers market, that's inside, and open year round. Not week round though, only Thursday-Saturday. So you gotta plan for this one. The hubs and I got to house sit for a family in another town so we were epic close. Needless to say, I squeezed it into our weekend plans.

(Sorry, phone pics, didn't feel comfortable bringing my big ol' DSLR into a store filled with Amish.)

 Any kind of jam or jelly you could think of. Seriously. This time around I got pumpkin butter and I cannot wait to break it in.

Specialty baking yummies. 

 Candy my baby sister would approve of.

 Chocolate and fudge out the freaking wazoo.

 CHEESE out the freaking wazoo!! I must've tried at least 20-30 different cubes. My freaking gosh. Think of your favorite cheese. Yeah, they had that, and they had six varieties of it. They even had frying cheese, which I NEVER see anymore.

 Fresh produce.

 And the pastry shop was three stations long. I lost my husband in this section, I later found him crouched over a vat of donuts.

Oh Amish market, why can't you be open more and closer to my house??


Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

I'd kill for the cheese selection alone. There is a community about 30 mins from here, & they have store but I don't think with this much! Maybe I need to run out there and have another look , tho?

imsteelefullofscrap said...

I am not that far from Sugarcreek Ohio where there are miles of this everyday but Sunday so love to go there

julibchickadee said...

Oh yum! Lol. Just looking at all of those pics is making me so hungry! Especially all of the pastries. And those dino gummies!

We definitely don't have anything like that by us. How cool!

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