Solid perfume locket deal? Are you in?

Hello my friends! I have really missed being here so often, I really hope to get back into the swing of things soon. :)

Anyway, since I consider you all my friends, I need your advice on something. Remember my solid perfume lockets?

I made a ton of them back in February and I still think they are one of the coolest things ever. Sadly though, I stopped production because the cost of the materials/time it takes to make them is much higher than most of my other jewelry, and at the time I just didn't have the time or money to keep going. It has been requested a few times to put up these up on a deal of the day site like {Gigis Petals}, {Very Jane}, {Sassy Steals}, or {Groopdealz}. But there just hasn't been a way where I could mass produce them like these site require, they just cost too much. Boo.

Now, here is the good news! I believe I have found a site that will sell gigantic lockets like this (actually, exactly like that one) at a pretty good price. (If you look at the tutorial, this locket I found here was $5, not exactly inexpensive.) Now, here is the catch. The site I found is a wholesale site, meaning I have to buy a crapload (exact amount) of them and take on a pretty big financial risk in order to get them at a good price. Kinda scary for a tiny business owner like me!

So, here is my question! If I were to put up solid perfume lockets very similar to this one, would you buy it? Or, would you at least consider buying it? I have several scents I would offer, including:

  • Vanilla
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Lilac Honeysuckle
  • Headache relief

and I am open to more suggestions! I'm not really into really fancy scents with a thousand different oils in them, I like my scents to be very simple.

I would love your input! I truly do value it. :)


Suzie said...

I would! I LOVE Vanilla. My favourite smell/taste ever!

I always forget to put perfume on so it'd be a fab way to carry it with me and they look so cute <3

Bianca said...

Yes I Would!! But.... (always a but, sorry) the shipping would be too much to the Netherlands and personally I would like a silver-kind-lockets more, because I only wear silver, no gold or bronze.
I really think you have a thing here! It's also al lovely gift to give female-friends and family, so maybe you should point that out if you would sell them again. I know I would buy more than one if you had more choice in lockets.

Maybe not what you wanted to hear, maybe it is. Goodluck!!

Julie said...

I would definitely consider buying 2 more...as every time I wear my own, my daughters want to wear the perfume also. They even know where to put it! So, I would consider it for sure. Any thoughts on WHEN this feature might happen? I'd sure love to get my hands on them before June 1st...

Kimberly said...

I'm in! These would make great gifts, too!

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