Why I do what I do and a few items of business

You know how I mentioned that I practically scoured the entire state + the internet to find more of those reindeer charms? It was mostly for one of my students. She actually reads my blog (unlike my husband) and was so disappointed that I sold the reindeer necklace I had. That triggered my massive search and I searched until I found them. The look on her face was priceless. If that wasn't reward enough, I found this in my mailbox this morning.

Kids are so sweet. I love my job. :)

Ok, onto items of business. I have decided to break down the Jewelry Making 101 remix into once/twice a week lessons. I have way too much content and it will be completely overwhelming to try and squeeze it all in back to back, especially with all the holidays approaching. It will cover tools, materials, several different techniques, a Q&A session aaand a lot more. I will start the series after Christmas, since these next few weeks are going to be cuh-ray-zee! 

But do not despair, my dear friends. I have come up with a different jewelry making mini series that will hopefully get you through your handmade Christmas. I call it "Jewelry Making for the Non-Jewelry Maker." If you have a better title please share it with me! It will consist of several different jewelry designs that require absolutely no special tools or skills to make. Mostly glue. :D I am working on it right now and plan to launch it next week! Huzzah! Warm up those glue guns and get your hands on some ribbon and E6000, this is gonna be fun!

If you really can't wait though (I know, I know, you're just dying for all these new tutorials. sarcasm font) I have a few others in my list of tutorials.

None of these pieces require any kind of special tools, so try your hand at these to get yourself warmed up. See you next week!

PS! Cyber Monday is ONE WEEK AWAY!! Crazy! If you are a shop owner and would like to join our (as in me and my friend Julie from Vibrant Designs) little Cyber Monday deal, email me and I'll get you squared away!

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The Loops said...

My 6 year old nice has recently started making jewelry and I wanted to get her some stuff to make. Do you have any advice to what to get a chubby fingered little kid who wants to make jewelry?

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