Tutorial Tuesday- Completely free Anthro knock off!

Note to self: when you schedule a post, schedule it for10 AM and not PM. Sorry folks!

Yeah, you read that right. A completely 100% free Anthro knock off! You're going to love this. I was perusing Anthroplogie's website, like I always do when I'm procrastinating, and my eye caught this little number.
{Pidgeon Pea Necklace from Anthropologie}

I saw it and thought "Wow, those look a lot like those paper beads I used to make!" I clicked on the description...and OMG. They ARE paper beads! I practically ran to get scissors!

You will need:
  • An old magazine
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Thin paint brush
  • Yarn

Yeah, that's it! I am 99% certain that all of you have these things lying around, which would make this FREE for you too! I chose to use a magazine to make the beads because the website boasted a "glossy" finish, and most magazines have glossy-ish pages. (No, I don't speak Spanish. My husband's cute Cuban grandmother gave it to me because she thought I would like it...forgetting that I don't speak Spanish.) Plus, you can get a great range of colors! You could use scrapbook paper too if you want,but don't use anything as thick as cardstock. Trust me, just don't.

Tear out a few pages. I didn't even use all of these. I recommend using advertisement pages. They have lots of color and very few words, so they work nicely for the beads.

Cut out triangle-ish shapes. Thick at the bottom, thin at the top. Cut out a lot! Cut them thin, think, short, long, and don't worry about cutting straight.

I didn't cut them totally pointy because the really thin pieces have trouble sticking.

Bust out that glue stick and start gluing! But not at the bottom, start about an inch up, otherwise you'll glue the bead to the paintbrush and it will SUCK to get it off.

Start rolling your gluey strip around the paintbrush, starting with the glue-free, thicker bottom. Roll loosely at first, then slowly roll a bit tighter. If you roll too tightly around the paintbrush the bead will be hard to get off.

Roll and roll and roll. (Wow, my nails aren't horrendous! I think this is a KC&A first!!)

Gently pull the finished bead off the paintbrush! Tadahhhh!!

Roll again.

And roll and roll and roll! Get really sticky fingers and yell at the cat for eating a bead, but then forgive her when she rubs her cute furry face against your leg. I doubled and tripled up on strips for some of the beads to give them different sizes and thicknesses.

If you're beads are being finicky and need some help, pinch in the round part of a clothespin to hold it down while it dries. (Am I a genius for figuring that out or what??)

When you're all done, string them on a piece of yarn. Tie it off.

Yai!! You did it!

Go outside to model it. Realize you wore a terrible outfit for the necklace and try and look happy about it. See that your arm is reflecting in your sunglasses.

Try to take the sunglasses off and blind yourself because you really can't see without them. Give up on modeling the necklace.

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Cherie said...

Very cute!

Donna's Daze said...

Very cute. I think I'll make a couple this weekend with my daughter.

Pam Emerson said...

This is cool! I definitely have magazines laying around, and think I'll give this a try :) I'm thinking I could pick pages with all one color and have beads that match, or mix and match. Great idea!

Thanks for sharing!

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