I've got ONE more reindeer necklace!

Hi, I'm Amie and I take unexpected blogging breaks for no good reason at all.

Anyway. Soo you know how I had a reindeer necklace during my little Monday sale?

I was totally once the fence about these little charms. I thought they were cute, but I wasn't sure anyone else would! But I bought them anyway and made two necklaces, one for me, one for you!

And then you totally threw me off my groove! I had no idea you guys would like these necklaces so much! I sold the only one very quickly and I was so sad that there were some of you that wanted one but didn't get one! So I went on a search, I looked EV.ER.Y.WHERE for these charms! I searched for hours, days! Online, in stores, no luck. I was about to give up, and then I FINALLY found a few in a store 30 miles away....at more than QUADRUPLE the price than I had bought them before. Honestly.

But I bought them anyway. (ALL of them.) I sold a few to everyone I knew that wanted one, and I now have only ONE more for you! Since the price of materials was drastically increased, I have to sell them at a higher price. Sorry about that. :( But if you missed your chance at getting one of these reindeer necklaces before, now's your chance!

I am selling it for $25 free shipping. If it's not sold, I will put it in the shop for $28+shipping. Get it now, because there are NO MORE. I guess everyone is gearing up for Christmas. :)

If you want it, leave your paypal email address in a comment. First come, first serve.


Betsy said...

So cute Amie. I'll have to keep my eyes out for those and will let you know if I discover any:-)
Thanks for stopping by...I wish you could visit at my craft show too!

The Loops said...

Wow I did not realize all of the blood, sweat and tears that went into my necklace. I should have put a tahnk you letter in your mailbox too!! Thanks so much!

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