Headband Week- The big bow headband

First off, I must admit that this wasn't my idea at all. When LMM posted her {headband challenge} she included some headband inspiration. There were some cute headbands, but THIS.

This. This one from {much love illy} I LOVED. A backwards headband! (Though it doesn't really look like a headband...ah yes. I dug around a little bit and it is in fact a {hair clip} from her Etsy shop) I loved the idea and borrowed it to make my own headband.

Loooove it! I scaled mine down a bit so it would be a little more subtle. And it's felt, I love me some felt because I am lazy and don't like finishing edges.

I made it in pretty much the exact same way I made the {lace bow}, but we'll go over it again since that was like more than six months ago.

You will need:
  • Elastic headband
  • Scissors
  • Felt
  • Glue gun
  • Ruler, maybe. I didn't use one. I hate measuring. 

Cut a strip of felt out. I think this was like 3 inches wide and 8 inches long? Maybe nine? I hate measuring. I just cut and go. Anyway, glue the ends together to make a loop.

Squirt a little dab of glue in the center of your loop, on the non glued side. Be quick!

Fold the loop over the little dab of glue. This will create that little pleat in the middle of the bow.

See how the middle is all nice and glued? Awesome. Fold back the non glued part and...

Cover with another strip of felt. So easy! I think this strip was 1 inch bye 4 inches? Maybe? I should have made it a little thinner.

Glue onto your headband. Make sure that the bow is going on the same direction as the headband, otherwise when you put it on it will look funny.

And slap that baby on. I feel like this headband is kind of like a mullet, except it's sporty in the front and cute in the back. I love how you can still see a bit of the bow poking out! I think this would be so adorable with super short cropped hair. Someone should cut off all their hair, make this, take a picture, and send it to me. Because I am way too scared to chop off all my hair.

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What headband projects have YOU been working on? I can't wait to see them!


Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

You look so pretty in pictures. Very cute backwards headband, I love it. I can just see all the possibilities of combining with outfits. Specially for summer when you want your hair up.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure about the backwards headband look at first... I'll admit that... but you know what? I think that I really like it! Different and cute! I'm working on a new top and might have to try and make one of these to match. Thanks Amie! :-)

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

I love making bows and flowers using felt! This bow headband is way cute..and unique. Ive never seen anyone wear the bow part under a messy bun and let me tell you... it's SO CUTE!!

hipchic~cynde said...

Absolutely adorable! I love the bow worn in the back. Thankyou for sharing. I too can think of so many fun things to do with this idea.

craftedbymama said...

I will defiantly be trying this for my daughter...who by the way has short cropped hair...She is growing it out and needs some cute ideas. Thanks for the tutorial


Kimberly from "bugaboo" said...

Ack! See? Told you...

PJ said...

wow super cute!


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