Headband Week- Bling bling headband

This headband was another accident. While I was at Joanns taking serious advantage of the 20% off your total purchase (and went way overboard) I saw some awesome trim! I knew it would look great on a headband. I honestly stood there for a good five minutes debating over the price (it was kind of expensive) but I figured with 20% off and only buying 15 inches I could totally do it.

I like it better than ones I've seen in stores! I think the bling is pretty intense, but the fact that the headband is so thin it's a lot easier to pull off. Wanna make one yourself?

  • Thin metal headband
  • 15 inches of trim
  • Several yards of thin ribbon
  • E6000 glue
  • Hot glue gun
Notice how I haven't been picturing any of my adhesive choices? That's because I never knew what I was going to use, and sometimes I would change halfway through. Such was the case with this headband.

First, wrap the headband with the thin ribbon. I just spread E6000 down and wrapped and wrapped very tightly. It's a messy process, but this gives it a much more professional feel. It's totally optional, purely asthetic, but I really think it helped take the headband from "homemade" to "handmade." Also, don't try this with hot glue. 1) hot glue + metal headband = conducted heat and burned fingers. 2) Hot glue dries way too fast, E6000 stays tacky long enough to get the job done. 3) Hot glue is just too thick. It will get even messier and bumpy and just not pretty. I learned each of these three lessons the hard way.

I honestly could have kept the headband like this, I loved the sleek black look! But, bling is better.

Hot glue the trim onto the headband. The ribbon will help the hot glue stick to the headband and the trim and the headband will be much more secure. (So I guess it's not purely aesthetic to have the ribbon!)

Peel the last few rhinestones off the bottom.

An cover the ends with ribbon. This is just to make it a little more comfortable behind your ears. Secure with hot glue.

And SHAZAM!! In 10 minutes you've got yourself a fun blingy headband.

I love that it's pretty and packs a tiny little punch. It was subtle enough to wear to church but I felt like it brought my outfit from "blah" to "awes!"

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Whitney & Devin said...

How cute! I love headbands! And I spend way to much time in Joann's too...:-)

Anonymous said...

Cute! It looks perfect with your outfit in that last pic! I know, those Joann's coupons can be dangerous...

By the way, I totally made one of those big bow clips the other day and wore it with my hair in a bun! Thanks for sharing that style! :-)

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