Trading Posts- Gray and Yellow

I know, it's already time for another trading posts? Crazy! Trading posts is when Caroline {from Artfully Caroline} and I get together and spend a day crafting. Usually we have specific crafting themes (like sewing, painting, beading, etc) but this time we didn't go with a crafting theme...we went with a color theme! My favorite color combo, gray and yellow! We dabbled and dabbled all day!

And as you know, a creative mind is rarely tidy...and neither are the houses they live in! {via pinterest.} Teehee.

Our first project was a fantastic trade off. I taught Caroline how to make an {envelope clutch}, and she taught me how to fold {kanzashi flowers!} A pretty sweet trade off, if you ask me. She donated this gorgeous gray and yellow fabric.

And this luscious yellow lining and snap closure. She even added a pocket!

Then we went a little crazy with gray and yellow accessories. I made all of these.

And Caroline made this awesome chunky bling necklace with a ribbon clasp.

And what better way to end a day of crafting with a gigantic personalized cookie? Thanks hubs. :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! That clutch is absolutely beautiful!!!

Love the fabric! May I ask if you know where she got it?

Looks like you guys had a fun crafting day! :-)

Autumn said...

This is so cute!

I just read that your husband did an internship with PWC. I wasn't sure if it was for next January or this past January...but my husband did an internship with them too. Man was he busy!

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