Kitty houses, a hubby craft

I actually legit forgot about blogging for a few days there! Weird, guess my weekend was so thoroughly awesome I just forgot. Fire pits and s'mores are pretty awesome though.

Oh boy, this post is a long time in the making. Hubby did this back in the fall, right after we moved here. And now I’m getting around to posting it. Oops.
Cleo and Aeris
Since I don’t have cute kids to post about, you guys are stuck with our adorable kitties who do equally adorable things, mmkay? The hubs and I have three cats in our lives. Jellybean, my cat that I’ve had since I was 10 and who lives with my parents. I love her more than 99% of the people in this world, and I take at least a dozen pictures of her every time I see her. Cleo and Aeris live in the basement with us, and TECHNICALLY belong to David’s parents. Technically. What they don’t know is that when we leave the girls are coming with us. Uh…oops, guess the cat’s outta the bag! (BAHAHAHA!!!! Get it? Cat’s outta the bag?)
They are ALWAYS getting into things they shouldn’t be. Cleo tends to like small, enclosed, comfy places. Like inside the couch, on David’s swivel chair, and in the super secret basket o’ blankets hiding behind the stereo. But her favorite place in the world is laps, this little kitty will do ANYTHING for love, attention, and affection.
Aeris will plop herself down where ever it is least convenient for you. On the exercise machines, my laptop, the poster board I’m taking pictures on, and ALWAYS on top of my latest jewelry project. She’s got so much personality. I swear to you she is an Animagus that refuses to take her human form, hopefully not because she’s a murderer like Peter Pettigrew. She once scoffed at me, scoffed! Cats don’t scoff! They don’t wink either and she’s done that too. Animagus yo.
You non cat people escape me, how can you not love these faces? How!? Even though Aeris barfed all over the suitcase shortly after the picture was taken. Though I will admit, I like these girlies a little more when they aren’t completely in my way, or barfing of stuff. Cue the hubby and his utterly genius idea (and barf cleaning up skills, but there are no pictures of that.)
David and I each had one of these as our nightstands in our apartment in Idaho. Walmart. When we moved to Maryland, we inherited some nicer ones, in addition to a kitchen table, which became my craft table.
In his infinite wisdom, David snatched those cushions from the kitchen table chairs and attached them to the night stands. And ALMOST perfect fit.
And covered the night stands with leftover moving boxes. An exact science, with lots of measuring and preciseness. Not.
He cut and hole in the box covered, pillow topped night stand. (PS don’t play with sharp knives. Make sure you are closely supervising your hubby.)
Immediately Cleo the Curious stepped in to inspect. Remember what I said about enclosed, comfy spaces?
Cat houses
Which gave Aeris the Afraid courage to give it a try.
(Notice how one hole is a lot bigger than the other? It’s because Aeris not only bigger than an average cat, she’s FAT.) The hubs did this whole thing all by himself, his own crafty idea. What a smarty pants, being all thrifty and stuff. The good news is the kitties still use their little houses all the time. I have to vacuum those stupid cushions every week so people don’t get grossed out by their hair. The bad news is…they still look like this, 9 months later. I know! Me and my crafty self haven’t figured out a good way to cover them, so we have ugly cat houses in plain sight. For shame, Amie, for shame. Got any good ideas to make them more pretty?
Holy frick, my head exploded on account of cute. They’re even on the right ones!


Cherie said...

Too Cute! My cats would love those.

What about glueing some rope or modpodging some paper or fabric to them. Even carpet remnants

Heather Nash said...

I can't believe how adorable they are. I am a fellow kitty (and puppy) lover. I love the personalities!

Stephanie said...

These are too cute! You could easily cover these with some fun fabric or scrapbook paper for a more finished look! :) If you change it, please show us! I love ideas like these!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Very cute kitty condo!

Lindsay (The Craftafarian) said...

You should cover them with some kind of sturdy fabric, or even that thick twine they use in the cat trees you get at the pet store. But pretty fabric would look really nice. LOVE the idea! Way to go Amie's hubs.

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