A Garden Party

Lat night, the women in my church all got together to celebrate summer with a Garden Party. I'm on the committee that plans and hosts monthly events. But I'm going to pretend that all the pretty things you see were my idea, k?

The even took place in a member's gorgeous backyard garden. We're talking arches, benches, patios and hundreds upon hundreds of stunning flowers. When each guest arrived, she was instructed to take a silk flower from this arrangement. The color she chose indicated where she would sit.

We had long tables covered with white tablecloths and pale organza overlays. Each section was accented with different colored place settings and decorations. 

I chose purple. This huge violet rose just called to me! Aaaamieeee pick me, pick me! (That's what it said.)

The food was outta this world divine! We went with a finger food theme to eliminate all utensils (read: less clean up). When each woman came to get her food she brought her silk flower and placed it in either of the two cases in the middle of the table. By the end of the night we had two beautiful bouquets to represent the diversity of each women and the beauty that was all possess.

My contribution was cheese and crackers. I knew I couldn't get too far with taste, so I went with a pretty presentation to make up for it. I spent over four hours cutting out over 400 tiny little cheese flowers with fondant cutters and arranged them together. I loved the way they turned out, especially with how well they fit into the garden party theme!

We had tons of desserts, cakes, cookies, sandwiches and other munchies. I particularly loved this cucumber and herb butter sandwich. It might become an afternoon snack staple.

What really pulled it all together, besides the women of course, was the "lush garden" (BFF points if you can name that movie.) I kept getting distracted looking at all the beautiful flowers and other pretty things. And looking for fireflies. Overall it was a beautiful party, there are so many talented women on this committee.


Kimberly from "bugaboo" said...

You ARE linking all this pretty inspiration to the Picnic Linky party, right?? ;)

Kitty said...

Beautiful party!! I am going to store this post away for when I throw a garden party....first I need a garden LOL!

Pussyfoots said...

Beautiful pix!!

Anonymous said...

So pretty! Love all the flowers!

I'm sharing a chocolate party here: http://wp.me/p11RnA-sc

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