What I like Wednesday- Farmer's Markets

If you are a fan of my facebook page, you'll remember that I went to the farmer's market this weekend! I loooove love LOVE farmer's markets, and this past Saturday was the first one of the season. Holy my goodness, best day of my life! Since it's so early there wasn't a huge selection of produce, there were TONS of things to make me one happy girl.

Like GORGEOUS homemade cinnamon raisin bread.

Gahhh, seriously, how can bread possibly look so good?

Holy sweet mercy, gorgeous and delicious. Along with this I brewed...

"Cosmic Chai Tea." Herbal! This was my first experience with loose tea, and holy cow. Bliss. Sheer amazing sauce.

Together they make a perfect breakfast!

Even though there wasn't a lot of fresh produce, there were still a few lovlies for me to bring home with me!

I bought these beauts to make an Asian stir fry.

And also snagged the juiciest cantaloupe ever!

Do you see all the deliciousness? No doubt I'll be slurping up that juice when the fruit salad is finished!

Absolutely delightful. :) And what better way to recycle than to use fruit as your bowl?

Chances are you'll see another farmer's market post in the future, I've got such a weakness, borderline addiction!


Cherie said...

Love Farmer's Markets, esp in the late spring and early summer with all the smells and all the stuff that is out.
I totally understand your addiction!

SewHappyGeek said...

Oh, that bread looks so nice! Cinnamon bread hasn't quite caught on here...
Lovely shots of the produce! Nicely done!

Addison Mae said...

Um,,, ok YUM!! This all looks so awesomely delicious! I would be honored if your awesome self would come see my blog!

Luster Canyon said...

Chai tea and wonderful bread...what more could you ask for! Great haul you go there...farmers markets are the best!

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