Words of Wisdom 2

With all of blogger's issues the past two days I wasn't able to post on Thursday AND my Foodie Friday post got deleted! I haaaaate typing up recipes, and this was a double recipe! Grrr. I don't really feel like typing it up again at the moment, so instead I'll share with you what I worked on last night while I wasn't blog stalking reading blogs.

This is my all time favorite scripture. I know not all of you are religious, but I think these are still wonderful words to live by. I try to think about this scripture all the time to help keep me in check and stop myself from judging others.

Just right click to save. It's a very large file and fits perfectly in a 8x10 frame.

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Jennifer said...

I'm not particularly religious, but I think the poster design for the quote is really pretty!

The whole blogger going down business was quite aggrivating, but I later looked at my list of blog entries on my dashboard and my post that had disappeared was there - I just had to go edit and then hit publish again and it was there where it was supposed to be. The only thing you might lose is comments if you had them!

Hopefully that works out for you too, for your last post. Good luck!

Kitty said...

I'm not a religious person either, but I really like that poster. And yes we all feel you pain on the Blogger issue, a bunch of my widgets are all messed up now

Brooklynintexas said...

Hi Kitties and Airplanes!

I just wanted to drop a note to tell you I love, Love, LOVE your blog's name.

My husband is a pilot, I am a teacher, too, and we have 2 kitties that we consider our third and fourth kids. We call them our fur kids. LOL

I'm about to resign to be a stay at home mom and have been combing the internet for blogs that I love. This one will be among my bookmarks, feeer Sheeer. :-) Thanks for the inspirations!

Frisco, Texas

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