Saturday Spotlight- Tales of a Trophy Wife

Today we have Tara from Tales of a Trophy Wife! She and I were introduced though an old friend, I love connections like that. :)
Hey I'm Tara from Tales of a Trophy Wife.  I have never been a guest to anyone else's blog before-How exciting!  Thanks for the invite Amie.
I'm and Air Force wife and am blessed to be the mother of three awesome kids. Last summer I moved from DC to Texas and  I started up a craft blog to show off my projects to all my friends (one that introduced me to Amie) that I left behind (b/c let's admit it craft blogs are all about showing off).  I've broken my blog into a few categories: home decor, holiday decor, books, fashion, recipes, household tips.  I also work with 14-15 year-old girls at my church and post my lesson plans and other fun stuff we do.
Here's some of my favorite projects:
I painted this mural on my daughter's wall-it was really easy (I'm not even an artist).
 I painted/ glazed my boys' mis-matched furniture.
 If you like Star Wars, Coke, and Modern Art-then you'll think that my husband designed the coolest playroom ever.
 I married a man that's anti-wreath, but I love my St.Patty's Day Wreath so it's staying.
 I love to sew and wish that I had an entire flock of daughters to dress up in matching clothes.  I only have one, but she is the coolest, sweetest, smartest, most beautiful girl in the world, so I can't complain. To make up for my lack of daughters, I sew baby blessing outfits on etsy.   Lately, I've been buying a lot of stuff on clearance and "re-fashioning" them.  So fun! I've put Amie's lace skirt on my to-do list.  
I love this fish  fabric (We got it at Mood).
 This took 3 hours, but I love it and it makes me smile.
 I made these for my boy's bathroom wall to try and help w/ their personal hygiene.  It didn't help much, but I think they are cute.
It was fun to stop by, now I need to run so I can prepare for my daughter's 13th B-day party tonight.  Please stop by my blog next week and I'll let you know how it went.  We're expecting 14 girls, so I'm sure everything will run smoothly.
Doesn't she make such fun things? Hop on over to Tales of a Trophy Wife and get lot in all her fabulous projects!

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