Things to know about me if we're gonna be BFFs

HA! So much for taking a break from blogging. I totally have a legit excuse though. My appointment right now canceled last minute so I'm sitting here and with time to kill. I tried to make some jewelry but my hands are awful clumsy today (read: I totally screwed up a piece I was working on and am now too frustrated to go back to it.) So I now have a half our to kill before my next appointment! I was blog stalking hopping and thought this idea from Little Miss Momma was so cute! So here it is, things you need to know about me if we're gonna be BFFs.

I love cats. I know you knew this one already, but I just love talking about all the adorable cats in my life. I'm sure we could be friends if you're not a cat lover, just don't tell me.They're just so cute and I'm a huge snuggler and cats are some of the best snugglers around.

I met my husband on an airplane (now do you see where I get the blog name? :) I thought he was a totaly creeper but it worked out in the end.

I love taking pictures but don't really like to be in them.

I'm super sensitive, and I hate it. I don't handle drama, confrontation, or anything like that very well (I will literally run away from it) I cry like a baby. 

My favorite TV shows include: Sabrina the Teenage Witch, NCIS, Sailor Moon, Law & Order: SVU, Naruto, LOST, and anything on Food Network.

I still get goosebumps when I see my hubby in a suit. He's a freaking dream boat.

 I LOVE mac and cheese. And anything with cheese. Cheese and I are BFFs.

I could be bribed into doing practically anything with a back rub. (Seriously.)

I love to do laundry, it's the folding of the laundry that gets me! 

I go through "friendliness" stages. When I was a kid, I was super shy. As I got older, I became really outgoing and had a lot of friends. Getting in to college I was so friendly I was on a date practically every night of the week (and that's not an exaggeration.) Since I've gotten married I've gone back to my shyness. I don't really like meeting people anymore (except in blogland, because I have the power of the written word behind me!).

I would much rather be around children than adults. 

I have a weird obsession with old men. I think they are so cute, ESPECIALLY with a hat on.

I was diagnosed with sever clinical depression when I was 19. I was on medication for three years and have semi-successfully gone a year without it. Sometimes I feel like I need to get back on it though...

Sometimes I pour cran grape juice into a wine glass to feel fancy. Yes, I'm doing it right now. (And on that note, not a single drop of alcohol has ever touched me lips.)

I added comment moderation to my blog because I obsessively reloaded my blog to check for comments. I read every single one and they make me so happy. 

I'm not the biggest fan of the beach. I love my once a year trip, but after that I'm good for another year.

I really, really, really, really don't like driving. It stresses me out, makes me nervous, and I just hate it. I didn't get my license till I was 18 and it was only because I had to so I could get on the airplane to leave for college.

I've seen the new Pride and Prejudice so many times I would humiliate myself if I revealed the number. Let's just say the hubs could play Mr. Darcy himself he's heard the lines so many times. But oh how I love it.

I feel like people judge me because I've been married two years and don't have kids yet. It bothers me, we'll have kids when the time comes people.

I lot of sounds bother me. Whistling, cracking joints, moving phlegm, and any kind of repetitive noise (tapping, clicking, beeping, even repetitive lines in a song.)

I love tiny things.

I think milk chocolate is gross by itself, but I love me some dark chocolate!

I HAVE to wear sunglasses in order to go outside. No matter how cloudy it is. I can't see without them! The Lord really blessed me on my wedding day because I had no problem without sunglasses for that single day. But other than that, I'm blind.

I sometimes get crushes on cartoon characters.HA! Let's be real here. I have more celebrity crushes on cartoon characters than I do on actors.

(No, that's not why I convinced David to dress like him for Halloween. What are you thinking?? Sheesh...)

I LOVE Taco Bell. I used to go so often that we had to assign one day of the week for Taco Bell. The hubs and I celebrated Taco Tuesday every Tuesday for two years, until we moved and the nearest TB is 20 minutes away. Boo. 

And...apparently I can talk about myself a lot! Amazing how much I can get accomplished in a half hour. Ready to be my BFF now? :)


Kerstin@TheRealHousewivesofIdaho.blogspot.com said...

Love, love, love Pride and Prejudice! What part of Idaho did you live in? I am a California transplant since 2006 and love it. My trips are enough for me. Love Law & Order SVU. I hate scary movies but it doesn't seem to bother me. And I love mac and cheese. Hello! Cheese and noodles--what a perfect combination. ;) Kerstin

kristin said...

Thanks for visiting me! I am following you now and I think we could be total BFFs as we have much in common.
I love mac and cheese.. or any type of cheese, I love making it for dinner where as hubby hates it alone unless i mix in meat or something else with it.
I LOVE cats. I want to own a shelter one day thats a big house that way the cats can stay in the rooms instead of cages, a shelter near me is similar which is where i got the idea, and its my dream although it'll probably never happen :( I agree with you about cats, plus they're independant, you dont need to rush home to take them outside! although I do love dogs, I am more of a cat person!

and I love sailor moon, I used to print out pictures and hang them all over my walls in high school! Nice to find someone else out there in Blog world who likes it also!

nic said...

we are proud ginger haired cat owners (our first redhead of many redhead children), I hide from people who come into the store where I work who have hurt my feelings before, I LOVED Sailor Moon as a teen!! My sister even dressed & did her hair with ribboned buns!, I have scoliosis so I could totally handle a back run every single day of my life, I check several times a day for comments & LOVE reading mine too!, hubs is my personal Darcy too, & I HATE little background noises...I have a friend who's actually been told it's a condition, and I've totally been picked on over wearing sunglasses but I have suppper sensitive eyes!
LMM is so neat for starting this!

Kari said...

Love your list! I am totally afraid of confrontation and try to avoid it at all costs. And a good backrub is one of my very favorite things. My husband jokes that I'd rather have a backrub than sex (sometimes that's true, LOL). Nice to meet you!

Shawntae said...

I love cats. I love old men. I put my diet coke in wine glasses sometimes. haha Love yoru list.

You pronounce my name:
Shawn (Sean) then Tae.(tay)
So... Shawn-tae. :)
My mom tried to make it simple but I still curse her to this day!
Cute cute blog you have!!!


stephaniegiese said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your list. We have Chipotle Fridays instead of Taco Tuesdays. :)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

What a GREAT list!! As you know, I too hate folding laundry... :) And I LOVE the new Pride & Prejudice! It's a great book too! P.S. Wine glasses make everything more fancy! ;)

Shannon said...

I am exactly the same way I am super sensative too. I hate confrontations....it's so not fun! Agree - backrubs are the bomb! Thanks for stopping by. These are super fun to read. XO, Shannon

Our Crazily-Random Life said...

Oh I love me some Taco Bell! In our house the kids call it Taco Ding Ding. I have learned to limit myself but I could eat it everyday! Thanks for stopping by my blog http://www.ourcrazily-randomlife.blogspot.com

Mandy said...

So glad you stopped by my blog!!
Your list cracked me up! I could also be bribed into doing anything with a back rub... that happens often here at my house! Ha ha.
And so cool you and your hubby met on an airplane, what an awesome story to tell :)

Kerstin@TheRealHousewivesofIdaho.blogspot.com said...

We do have a lot in commmon. I got married in the San Diego temple. Nice to have a new friend! :) Kerstin

Ashleigh said...

Very fun to read! I'm with you on men in suits, there is just something about a man in a suit!

Kelly said...

Love the list! I am a cheese fan too and old men in hats are cute! :)

Jennifer said...

You and I do have a lot in common and I love your list.
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and thanks for visiting my blog!

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

You had me at Pride and Prejudice! We have 2 cats. I have 2 kids, that are sometimes like cats. And you know, I consider dark chocolate to be right up there with a vitamin ;0)

I also loved your anniversary post- great pictures. I should know which temple that is but am brain dead today. You were a stunning bride!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, too =)

stacythemagnificentmommy said...

Oh yes, and I am the same with my sunglasses =) I wear them all.the.time. Even inside malls if it's sunny and there's a lot of skylights!

Ashley (Ashley's Bookshelf) said...

This was a cute idea!

Cute blog! I am a new follower and I would love if you will come and follow me back! Also check out my giveaways!

Passions by Ashley

Mrs. Beach Bride said...

I LOVE dark chocolate and Pride and Prejudice!!! Wonderful list and cute blog!

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

so that's where the airplanes comes from...I have been wondering all this time. I don't know why I didn't just ask you :) it's a cute story, would love to hear it all.

That's terrible that you don't like to be in pics, you look so pretty. You might regret it later....

I'm so glad blogging brings you happiness and so glad you read our comments too as we mean every word we type. Sending blessings your way, happy Holidays to you and your husband.

BTW, don't let people get to you. Have kids when you are ready, if you decide to have kids. I've been down that road too. I got comments almost every time I saw a relative. We finally had a child three years after we got married. Don't let them rush you.

Alicia said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I too love me some dark chocolate...and I know what you mean about having kids. We were married four years before we had our little girl. I think it's a good idea to wait and spend a few years getting to know your spouse before bringing kids into the mix. :)

Crystal said...

I love your blog! It's adorable :) I'm following you from the wandering wednesday hop! Hope you can check out my blog too :) Have a great CHRISTmas!!


Crystal said...

Thanks Amie!

little j said...

I love how you thought your hubby was a "total creeper" when you first met him, ha!! That made me laugh. I don't think I've ever known anyone who met their future husband that way. I think I'm going to have to start taking more trips & maybe it'll work for me too.

Also, I'm not sure if you are into alternative medicine, but I used see an acupuncturist weekly & take some herbal remedies (along with western meds) for depression. It really helped me!! I actually considered becoming an acupuncturist before I became an RN. Just thought I'd pass that on...

Anyhow....it was fun reading your list. I love TB too :)

Heather M said...

Hey Amie!! Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by!!! I LOVE your List!!!Merry Christmas!! Im following you!

Chism Classics said...

Cute blog title. I think old men are cute as well!

Christine Jargick said...

your kitty looks just like my Autumn-kitty. so cute! I would also do anything for a backrub. I finally signed up with Massage Envy so that I don't constantly torture my boyfriend anymore

Camilla Jones (CioCo Photography) said...

over from the idea room and love your list! especially about your husband being a creeper and you being obsessed with P & P. The best. Newest follower!

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