Hospital bags, let's discuss!

I don't know why, but I am utterly petrified of preterm labor. I really have no reason to be! I have no family history of it (that I know of), no current signs or symptoms, AND this is my first. So really, I'm being completely irrational. But gosh dang, I might as well be prepared right?

Right now, this is what I'm planning on using as my hospital bag:

Yeah, I know it's a diaper bag. But really, I never planned on actually USING it as a diaper bag. It's too dang big! I want the bag to be easily identifiable for the hubs:


"What does it look like!?"

"The duffle!"


Yeah, we don't need to have that. Plus, I don't want anyone grabbing mine thinking it's theirs at the hospital. I've never hear of that happening...but let's leave the irrational pregnant woman alone mmkay?

So I've been stuffing my bag with things I think I "need." And then I take things out. Put them back in. Take them out. I have no idea what I'm doing!! I've been browsing Pinterest for ideas but honestly, I want to hear from you. You're my friends and I like you.

What did YOU find helpful to have in your bag? What things were you dead set on that you ended up not needing? What was good for you? Did you bring things for your hubby? What about baby?

Oops...did I show this one already? Sorry, she's just so cute. I can't wait to kiss those fat cheeks and that tiny little nose.

PS, 8 days till we move! :o)


Sarah said...

I brought and used travel sized shampoo and body wash, a toothbrush and toothpaste (also travel sized), comfy clothes/ pjs, no slip socks,, hair ties, camera, cell phone charger, going home outfit (I forgot to pack pants so I had to wear my skirt that I wore when I arrived, bring maternity pants), a nursing bra (cheap one from target since I had no clue what size I would need), nursing pads, nipple cream, nursing cover (for when visitors came, hospital staff has seen it all so I didn't care). You'll probably live in the hospital gown during your stay. They had fresh ones in the cupboard in your room. They also provide you with pads, mesh panties tucks, ice packs, pain killers, stool softener when you are there (make sure you get extras for when you leave, they will gladly get you some, but have ibuprofen and colace at home). Deodorant, you sweat like crazy afterwards. Nail scissors. For labor I had a bunch of snacks for David. For going home bring.her carseat (leave it in the car), a diaper bag for her with an outfit and blanket but leave it almost empty because they will give you diapers and her newborn hat before you leave. Some snacks for you for afterwards/during your stay. If i think of anything else I'll let you know.

Beth- the mama bee said...

I wanted my own nightgown ASAP and I wanted baby in my own little sleeping gowns. The hospital laundry scared me and I thought they were harsh feeling.

Julie said...

Laptop and charger, cell and charger, camera...a good book (if you plan on an epidural, if you are going the no meds route, chuck the book), a couple sets of comfy pjs for yourself, your pillow, maternity clothes for coming home (I would recommend clothes you wore around 20 weeks) nursing bra, (hospital gives you nursing pads), I know there are more :) I find it a bit humorous that you are so afraid of pre-term labor. I was too, but I had an older sister who had given birth to three babies 4,5, and 6 weeks early. Turns out she and I are very much alike. But YOU my friend, can calm down :) The chances are so small. Praying for a safe and easy delivery. (Yes, easy DOES exist!)

Cami @ You Seriously Made That said...

Okay, I feel like I OVER packed for the hospital. I had my baby on Halloween, and I loved it.

Things to definitely bring - camera/charger, laptop, phone/charger.
One set of clothes for you, one set of clothes for husband.
Nursing bra, hair ties/small toiletries
Going home outfit for the baby.
One blanket to put over baby in car (if it's cold)
Your own pillow (optional)

Everything else stayed in my bag. Seriously. I brought crazy things like a nursing pillow, 4 different baby outfits, the entire 4th season of the Office, and and even a tutu. Yeah, don't ask me what I was thinking.

The hospital provides everything else. (Mine even had a snack room for husbands). Don't worry about underwear - you will want to wear the hospitals. Don't worry about books or magazines - you will probably just surf the internet if you get an epidural (if you are anything like me!). Don't worry about diapers or wipes, or anything else like that - the hospital provides all baby items.

Birth is an awesome ride. What I wasn't really prepared for was the weeks following birth - I wasn't prepared for the toll birth would take on my body. It took weeks before I felt like "me" again. But it was all worth it looking at the sweet baby.

Congratulations!! Good luck on the baby!!

Brielle said...

We used a carry-on suitcase. It was nice that it had wheels and it fit everything we needed.

Cell phone
laptop charger
camera charger/extra batteries
hair ties
awesome fuzzy socks (for labor, the nurses will love em)
chap stick
snacks for your husband
snacks for you (just sneak them when they aren't looking)
Your night gown (something old ladyish with buttons so you can nurse easy)
sleeping nursing bra or cami (I wore mine during delivery because I was uncomfortable not wearing a bra)
Your pillow
Change of cloths for your husband
Loose cloths for you to go home in
Boppy for nursing
baby outfit to go home in. Something with legs so she can be put in her carseat.
Light blanket for the car ride home.
IPod or Mp3 player to listen to soothing music while you are in labor.

Don't worry about delivering early. Your almost full term anyway right? And don't rush to the hospital if you think you are in labor. With both my deliveries I wished I had stayed home longer. It is more comfortable and less boring to be at home.

Brielle said...

oh and Lanolin for your nipples. I actually asked the nurses for a sample and that tube is still in my diaper bag. A little bit goes a long way.

CoryP said...

I am so excited for you! It is very overwhelming trying to figure out what you,hubby, and baby are going to need. I hope this is helpful. I found the hospital gowns for post partum not good. They are ill-fitting and with visitors coming and going I was uncomfotable. I found some cute Nick & Nora (from Target) mens style pj's. They buttoned up the front for easy nursing and kept me cute, covered, and comfortible. Also, with my first my lactation consultant recommended nursing bras. They help keep the "girls" up where they need to be for latching on. Mom and baby can't get enough help in that department. For going home, loosefitting/maternity outfit. You will be poochy or if you end up with a c-sec you want something that won't rub your incision. When you get home make sure you have a good supply of granny panties, pads (all sizes & bigger is better), tucks, etc. Everyone has such good lists, you should be good! Good luck and I wish you a quick and easy delivery : )

Caroline @ Artfully Caroline said...

That won't fit in your bag but ... BRING YOUR MOM :)

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