Baby bucket list

You guys, baby girl's arrival is NEXT MONTH! Granted, it's the *end* of next month, but it is next month nonetheless! I have about 8 weeks left of cooking!

And I'm finally starting to show!! I was 30 weeks pregnant before I got an acknowledgement from a stranger. Good or bad? Not sure! All I know is that the reality of my soon to be turned upside down life is starting to hit home. We've already had some major life changes around here: my husband graduated with his masters, he started his first real grown up job, my little brother got married, and currently we are in the process of MOVING!! In just a few weeks we will no longer be basement gremlins, ohhh I feel giddy just thinking about it.

Despite all these major life changes, I still have a hugely long list of things I want to get done before Baby Girl gets here! I know I won't be able to accomplish half of it, but this nesting chick is sure gonna try.

Car seat blanket from {Toad's Treasures} Since BG (that's Baby Girl, btw) will be arriving right as things start to get chilly, I need something to keep her snuggly warm.

Car seat protector from {Bubbly Nature Creations} This is one of those ones I probably won't get to, but gosh dang, what a fantastic idea!

Nursing shawl from {The Coterie Blog} Let's be honest here, do I really have the patience to sew an all out nursing cover? No. Do I have the patience to sew one line? ...let's hope so!

I have enough fabric to make SEVERAL of these blankets from {How Does She?}

And don't even get me started on the nursery!! For a very long time, we thought we would still be stuck in this one bedroom basement when BG got here, so my dreams of having a nursery were just that. Dreams. I've pinned a whole bunch of images for inspiration and I have no idea how to incorporate everything together to create a stellar nursery in the less than 4 weeks we will have! Either way, let's drool together yes?

Ooooooooo {from Design Dazzle}

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh {from Apartment Therapy}

Preeeeeeeettyyyyy! {from Very Rosenberry}

I just wish I knew what her name was going to be. David and I decided on a name we loved about 3 years ago, long before getting pregnant! But in the last 3 years the popularity of the name has exploded, it was in the top 10 names last year! There are already 2 babies in my church group with this name, so I am extremely hesitant to use it. David thinks it's "despicable" to not use a name we love just because it has increased in popularity. But I don't want her to be one of 3 in her class at school! I want her to feel special. Blargh. Hopefully we'll come to a compromise soon! Or she'll be Baby X for a while. :)


Heidi said...

That name wouldn't happen to be Lily, would it? ;) I only ask because that's a name I've always liked, but now I know at least 4 little Lilies and it's got me reconsidering. (But don't feel obligated to answer that question, because I don't plan on disclosing our baby's name to anyone until he/she is born!) So anyway, I totally get what you're saying about not wanting her to be one of 3 in her class at school. Good luck! :)

Brielle said...

have you made a quilt yet?

Sarah said...

Just found your blog recently! I'm so excited for you guys to have your little girl. I think I know what name you like! I say name her what you want. I always had other Sarah's in my class at school and it never bothered me too much. They could always end up in different classrooms ;)

Sarah said...

BTW...Cute list of stuff! Good luck with your move!

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Youre adorable!!! Love the bucket list :)

julibchickadee said...

Hi Amie! It's been a bit since I've been back to blogging too! I just wanted to stop by and say Congrats!! I enjoyed reading your project list too. And I really like the new hair cut - it's really cute! :-)

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