Very Jane deal- Super Sparkly Silver Stacking Bracelets! (plus a mini giveaway)

Hello friends! Long time no talk. Well, sort of. Some of you have left amazingly comforting comments and really lifted me up high and I thank you for that. I am still working on getting a reply to each of you!

It's been a long time, do you remember these?

I debuted these back during the winter when I went to my first ever craft fair. These sold out at the fair within an hour, and I've had tons of requests for more. But, I was never able to find the beads at a decent price, the shop where I got them before stopped carrying them. I was super bummed.

UNTIL NOW!!! (Announcer voice) I FINALLY found a site that sells these for just an arm (I can keep my leg). I'm so excited to bring these back, out of everything I've ever made, I love these bracelets the most. I honestly wear them 2-3 times a week. I wear them on Sunday with my pretty skirts, on workdays with my t shirt and jeans, and on Fridays in my sweats (ok, that one is pushing it a little...)

The point is: I love these bracelets so much that I am debuting them again on {Very Jane} at 60% off their original price! They come in sets of three instead of individually, super excited that I can offer that now. :)

Squee! I'm overly excited about this. So excited that I'm doing a little giveaway! I wanna spread the word about this fantastic deal, but I know you're going to get sick of me if I post about it every hour. That's where you come in! You can share with your friends and I won't bug everyone, win win! So what's in it for you? I was ONE set of these in fabulous PINK. Only one set! This set will go to the winner of this little giveaway. How do you win?

  • Share on Facebook (feel free to {tag me})
  • Share on Twitter (you can tag me {here} too!)
  • Share on your blog
  • Purchase the deal (one time only, unless you buy the deal three times on three different days)
You get one entry for each share per day, up to three entries per day (and an extra for buying the deal). Leave a comment for each that you do, and please leave a link where applicable. So, if you share on Facebook today, tomorrow, and Friday, and buy a silver set, you'll be entered to win four times! Make sense? I'll randomly choose a winner to ship the pretty pink set off to once the deal is over (on May 12)

Good luck! :)


Crystal said...

Shared on facebook

Crystal said...

purchased one of your adorable bracelets! So excited.

A. Simpson said...

Woot woot! Pick me! I posted on FB! Love these!

Heather Burns said...

shared on fb!

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