Some new members of the family!

No, little Baby A didn't come early. Remember a few months ago when I had to put my poor kitty down? (Worst day of my life, btw.)

Well, my family thought they were ready to bring some new fur babies into the home. I kept suggesting to them that having two kitties is so fun and they should try it.

"No, no. We don't need the stress. One is enough for us."

Ladies....meet Dakota.

She's a four year old diluted calico. She recently had a litter of kittens and sent them off to wonderful families. My parents just fell in love with her, she is a such a sweetie. Affectionate, cuddly, and so friendly. 

And...meet Sachi. (I love it when I'm right.)

She's 10 months old. They found her abandoned with a little chunk missing out of her ear. She's timid yet tough, a great match for Dakota. 

We are such cat people. It's sad to be "moving on" from my darling Jellybean but saving two little lives from the animal shelter is worth it. :)

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