A little bit of spontaneity!

My mother in law is a secret shopper, and she always has the COOLEST shops. She gets paid to watch movies, go to fancy restaurants, and even to go to Joann. This time, I think she hit the jackpot.

Seriously, how lucky can you be to get an all expenses paid vacation, and then get PAID. That like, never happens. Especially at a place like this. This is pretty much Mr. Darcy's house, and I get to visit for free! My sweet MIL invited me to go along with her on this mini vacation! I am so lucky. I took the week off of work and I am going to spend the week relaxing, touring and going to restaurants for free. Ahh.

I actually have some things lined up for the week! Go figure, after all of my slacky-ness lately. Look out for a shop review, a possible tutorial, a little randomness, and pictures! Yay!

See you Friday. :)

1 comment:

April said...

secret shopper? Those are real? I always assumed it was a scam. I'd totally be interested!

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