Gigis Petals feature! Rings for only $3.50

How's that for an informative title? In case you missed it, now until February 18, you can get one of my new bloomin' rose filigree rings for the rock bottom price of $3.50. Srsly.

These are rocking rings, my fave of all the rings I make. And the best part is, the ring base is SUPER sturdy. None of that flimsy-ness going on. Sturdy and still adjustable, a win/win situation.

Squeee, they are so pretty. There are a limited amount available so get them quick, they won't be this cheap on facebook or in my shop EVER.

Shameless plug in, I know. But I DO have an extra incentive for you since you are my most favorite readers ever! Ready for it?

....this is annoying isn't it?

If you enter the word "earrings" into the comment box at checkout, I will include one pair of FREE rosebud earrings with your order. Just because I like you! :) (One pair of earrings per order.  I wish I were rich enough  to give everyone free earrings!)

Oh...speaking of free. All you knitting/crocheting folks better warm up your keyboards, because I've got a giveaway for you tomorrow! See you then.

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