If you are in a Google Reader, an email, or otherwise not on my page, I very strongly urge you to click over!! In fact, I insist! Because I got a blog makeover. :) And it's "fully, awesome!" (Rhino voice) I orginally just wanted a few "tweaks," buuuut I got carried away and it went from "facelift" to full on makeover. Oops, sorry Courtney.

Oh, do you know Courtney? She blogs over at {Not So Homemade} She. Is. AWESOME! She did my last blog design too, and I contacted her again for this one. She really is amazing! I shall now tell you why in bullet format:

  • She is very patient.
  • She took my crazy, whacko, doesn't-make-sense idea and turned it into exactly what I wanted.
  • She's a mind reader. Not really but sometimes if feels like it when she shows me the designs she came up with!
  • She's good! EVERYTHING I wanted done I got done.
  • She's fun to talk to.
  • She is super affordable!

And I really mean super affordable. It's not like when those "big" bloggers are like "oh so affordable!" then you click the link and it's like "New blog design, only $550!"

Yeah no.

Courtney is actually affordable, and you can't find a better designer. {Click here} for more information on her custom blog designs.

Now we are at the point where I walk you though everything and point out/explain all the changes!

The most obvious change is the new header. I actually didn't plan on getting a new one because I liked my old one but like I mentioned I got a little carried away. Isn't the little kitty sooooo cuuuuuute?? I love my new header, I think it's much more clean and professional looking. Less "blog" and more "website." She changed all the fonts and we added turquoise to my old gray and yellow color scheme. 

Next, social media links! You can now connect with me through facebook, twitter, and pinterest as well as email me directly AND subscribe. ALL IN ONE PLACE! Just click the icon and it takes you right to where you need! So handy, I LOVE this new feature. Now take a peek in the top left corner...

I have a favicon!! EEE!! I feel SO cool now. 

Ok, back up to the header. Did you notice my new tab??? I now have an Etsy tab to showcase my little shop! When you click on it....

An Etsy mini! I used to have one in my sidebar but I think it's much cleaner this way. All my Etsy is in one place. If you see something you like in that tab, just click on it and it brings you right to the item. Click on my shop name at the very bottom and...

It takes you right to the shop! Did you notice she also made me a new Etsy banner (AND button) to go along with the new look? This woman is so amazing and thorough!

Ok, back to the blog. She also widened my posting area and converted the layout to a one sidebar layout. I think it's much cleaner this way, I am so pleased with the change! (Also note the cute new advertising button!)

And all the other buttons are new too. Even my craft contest button! (Which didn't disappear, btw. I'm working on gathering sponsors right now. :)

So whaddya think?? You dig the new look as much as me? Thank you so much Courtney! You really are the bomb diggity!


Mindy said...

I love it!! Great layout!

Lisalulu said...

YOU are one of the cool people now

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Pretty! It looks very stylish and put together!

Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

I love working with Courtney! I would use her again in a minute when I decide to change mine up!

beingFab said...

Your blog looks amazing!!! Especially the little Etsy tab!!

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

LOVE the makeover. I loved the last blog makeover...but this one seems to suit you better. She really did a fantastic job. I love all of the little changes. BEAUTIFUL blog my friend!

Jean said...

The new set up is great! Isn't it nice to have something that fits who you are? She did a great job! Now...
back to the reading! LoL... Have a great week end.... Don't forget to change your clocks this week end! Fallllll Back!

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