No commitment Halloween wreath plus an almost funny story

Now that it is 10 days before Halloween, you've probably seen enough wreaths to last you until next year.

But humor me, kay? Because I like mine.

I love the colors (purple is a GREAT Halloween color!) I love the polka dots, I love the arglye-ish wrap around ribbon thing I did. Love the spider web ribbon tied in bows. It's just cool.

But why is it called "no commitment?"

Because not one thing is cut, glued, or permanently altered in any kind of way.

See? That's all pinned down!

Let me tell you a story.

It's 11pm. Amie is blogging, David is playing some kind of MMORPG. Suddenly.

"THAT'S IT!!!!"

David sees his wife suddenly stand up, put her laptop down, and stomp over to her craft area. (Area, not room. sad face.) She starts pulling random things off shelves, digging through the mess under the air hockey table, and plops herself down on the floor with a big pile of stuff.

".........honey? What are you doing?"

"Making a wreath!!!"


"Because it's Halloween!!!"

"Whatever you want honey."

You see, all of our Halloween decorations are in a storage unit 20 miles away. And to find a chunk of time long enough to drive down, pick it all up, drive back, and put it all up is kind of impossible. So we decided to forgo getting all of it and just do without decorations.

I immediately regretted that decision. Halloween is my FAVE-O-RITE holiday. How can I NOT decorate? I tried to suppress the urge. I mean come on, we live in a basement. All our stuff is crammed into, onto, and under all our furniture. We don't have defined spaces, it's mostly just one big room. In short: it's really hard to decorate. No mantels, one window, no front door, no shelves that aren't completely full of crap. Ugh.

I failed at suppressing. I just snapped at late last week and grabbed a whole bunch of stuff. Two rolls of black tulle, a roll of orange polka dot ribbon, purple polka dot ribbon, spider web ribbon, and an old wooden wreath form. I was about to grab my glue gun when I thought "Wait....Amie you HAVE a Halloween wreath. You shouldn't make another one."

Yes, but I don't have it HERE. I compromised my challenging myself to make the wreath without cutting or gluing anything. So essentially I could just unwind everything, roll it back up, and use all the materials for something else.

And I succeeded! I tied the tulle around the wreath and wrapped away. I taped the ribbon down in the back and wrapped that around too, pinning it when I was done. Did the same for the purple ribbon. And I took all three yards of that spider web ribbing and tied over a dozen little bows from one continuous strip. Pinned those down too. BOO YA.

Essentially, I can take the whole thing apart and have perfectly usable materials again. But we both no that probably won't happen, mostly because I am very lazy I like it too much. Plus it was totally free, which is awesome.

Oh, that weird mess of orange ribbon at the top WAS the hang-y thing-y. But it didn't work so we wrapped it  up. Ignore it please.

Have you ever made a non commitment craft before? Share with me!


Lisalulu said...

oh my oh my I KNOW how you feel, our holiday stuff IS IN STORAGE!, uggg yes I made a wreath too! just HAD TO!! (even though I have several... in storage) half my sentences end in.....I would but it's in storage. you got a great blog there!

SarahinSalem said...

Too funny! My first fabric panel was a little like this project of yours. This was before I discovered the joy that is a staple gun and wood frame canvas. I actually bought a thin, tacky bulletin board type thing at Walmart and DUCT TAPED the fabric to it. It works....

AmieAnn said...

Love it! Looks awesome and now you have two to chose from!
I always tear my wreaths apart when the season is over so I can recreate something new for each season every year!

Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

This is too cute! I love the colors! Also, these colors are my daughter's costume colors!

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

SO cute! I love that it was free and that you can take it apart if need be. And the way you told the story made me giggle :)

Sarah said...

Very cute! Your post made me laugh :) It's hard for me to decorate with little kids who get into everything...

Kimberly from "bugaboo" said...

Wow. I gotta say, that's impressive. :)

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