From my point of view

Right now, this is my view.

The costumes are coming along very nicely!! I might actually finish earlier than 10 minutes before the Halloween party starts! :D Though I shouldn't be taking all the credit, my mom has helped A LOT with this whole endeavor. Thanks Mom!

I bit off way more than I can chew. These costumes are really testing my sewing ability! I thought I picked easy patterns, but I spend 20 minutes trying to figure out what the pattern wants me to do and 10 minutes doing it. Crazy. I can't wait to start on David's vest, I'm winging this one and I am going to love every second of it.

Did I mention I successfully sewed a CORSET!?!?!

Yes, a corset. Me. I sewed it. ALL by myself, no help from Mom here! I am epically proud of myself.

This much proud of myself. (Crappy phone pic.)

Sooo I do have other crafts. Like a Halloween wreath that I will post. Hopefully. AND I have some awesome things to show you that I got in the mail. AND you are going to have a awesome guest post this weekend on a topic I'm fairly confident all of you will be interested in. There are good things in the futre.

So bear with me. I'm almost done sewing!

PS: Today while I was running a few errands I might have accidentally sort of on purpose went to a few stores to look for boots. None yet. :( I have such tiny feet and muscular calves (read: not as skinny as I used to be) that if the shoe fits the boot part is nicely snug around my leg, which leaves no room for jean-stuffing. If I get a few sizes bigger my legs fit but my feet don't. Argh.

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