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I know...I know...you want a craft. You want pretty things, you want tutorials and other fun stuff. Believe me, I do too! I'm writing up not one, but TWO tutorials for this week! Huzzah! So there's that to look forward to! AND tomorrow I reveal the winner of this month's 3...2...1...craft! competition! It's close between two projects, so get those votes in to make sure the one you want is the one that wins!

Anyway, saw this over on {Casey's} blog, then {Kirt's}, and ended up copying from {Kimbo} Enjoy!

A. age: 24 (I know right? Does this look like the face of a 24 year old?)

Didn't think so. I get 16 most of the time. Only 8 years off...that's not so bad....

B. bed size: king, glorious, glorious king. The hubs hates being touched in the middle of the night. One time when we were camping, we shared a full sized air mattress and he kept yelling "STOP TOUCHING ME!!!" in the middle of the night. lol. 

On a happier note, we just bought new bedding!!

LOVE IT! And no, I didn't choose it because it was gray and yellow. This was the only one the Hubs and I could agree on! 

C. chore you hate: Dishes. I loathe dishes, I can't stand the smell of them, the sight of them, the feel of them. I also hate dusting. 

D. dogs: I've never owned a dog before, but we live with a dog. His name is Jack, he's a great dog. 

He's pretty much the only dog I like. I am a cat person. 

E. essential start to your day: check my phone. You know, because tons of stuff happens overnight...when everyone is sleeping....

F. favorite color: It changes a lot. I'm very fond of pink, but I also love turquoise, and mustard yellow....um, I like all colors. 

G. gold or silver: Silver. Occasionally I'll wear a gold piece, if it really goes with the outfit. I only have like two gold though. 

H. height: 5'3"ish

I. instruments you play: BAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!! (wipes tears) Oh you crack me up. 

J. job title: Teacher/tutor, depending on what time of the day it is

K. kids: three, two cats and a husband.

L. live: Maryland

M. maiden name: King

N. nicknames: Depends on who you're talking to! Ames, Amo, Amikins, Honey, Angel Face, MieMie, it goes on and on. 

P. pet peeve: Repetitive noises: beeping, tapping, cracking, chewing. I have issues with sounds. 

Q. quote: A favorite quote? HAHAHA!! You can check out my "Words" {pinterst board} for lots of quotes I like, but I am particularly fond of this one. 

R. righty or lefty: righty. Boring. 

S. siblings: Two brothers and a sister. All younger. 

Remember how I said they were all younger? I will let you use that fact to figure out which one is me. See that baby? Same one that's a varsity cheerleader AND marching band now. Oh how time flies. 
Yet growing up never seems to happen.

T. time you wake up: What am I doing that day? 

U. university attended: Brigham Young University-Idaho. Tried BYU, hated it. Went to BYU-I, loved it. 

Graduated on our first anniversary. Dang! My hair was short back then. This was right after I chopped it all of to donate. 

V. vegetables you dislike: raw onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms. 

W. what makes you run late: HUSBAND!! He would disagree with me, but 9 times out of 10 I'm waiting for him!

At least he's cute right?

X. x-rays you’ve had: Oh geeze...my teeth a million times, elbow, wrists, ribs, chest...hmm....probably more just can't think of them all. 

Y. yummy food: mac and cheese, any and all sushi, homemade dumplings, potstickers, broccoli, Cheetos, blue crabs, steak, cry babies, Rita's ice, fresh tomatoes...I should make a list of NON yummy foods. It would be very short. 

Z. zoo animal favorite: Polar bears!!!

They are so cute. Big cats too. 

Tag, you're it. Hopefully that was entertaining enough! 


Beth Adams said...

Very entertaining Amie! Loved it. I am a cat person myself but have met several dogs over the years that were the bomb!

Chris King said...

Amazing post. I just saw Toy Story 3 so I am a bit weepy about families and growing up. Now you make me do it all over again!

Sarah said...

That was fun to read! We are the same age :)

Megan M. said...

Mmmm. Rita's water ice!!! And I totally don't believe you didn't pick the bedding just because of the grey and yellow. :-)

beingFab said...

That was really interesting to read!! And the photos were sweet!! I'm so glad to have found your blog!

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