The button belt {a tutorial}

I made this a few weeks ago for a Pinterest Challenge over at {Better Life Bags}. My inspiration?

My version?

Love it! And it was way easier than I thought it would be to make a belt! A little time consuming with all those buttons, but still simple.

Yeah, it's awesome. It's fun and interesting and made a tiny dent in my button stash. Wanna make one too? We could be twinies!

You will need:

  • Lots and lots and lots of buttons (I had all of my button organizers spread out but they didn't fit in the picture)
  • Long strip of felt
  • Inch wide satin ribbon (I think I used...a yardish. 18 inches one each end of the belt)
  • Scrap of faux leather
  • Glue gun with at least five extra glue sticks
  • Scissors

I was a little too quick for myself and started working on it before taking pictures. First thing you need to do is cut a strip of felt 2-3 inches wide and long enough to wrap around your body minus an inch or two. You need room to tie the bow. So if you want it around your waist, measure around your waist and subtract and inch or two to leave room for the bow. Same if you want it around your hips. THEN you cut these two faux leather rectangles for the ends. Make sure they are just as wide as your belt. Mine were like....2" x 6"? I hate measuring.

Cut a small slit right through the middle of the rectangle just barely wide enough to thread the ribbon through. Do this for both pieces.

See how nicely it fits? Hot glue the ribbon down.

Liberally glue the inside of your leather rectangles and sandwich the felt in between. Do this for both sides and in less than 5 minutes you've got yourself a belt!

Then glue, and glue, and glue, and glue all those buttons on. I chose mostly pale colored buttons in neutral themes and designs, with a few funky ones thrown in. I wanted it to be able to wear it with multiple outfits.

Ok, maybe I had a lot of funky ones in there. I just love buttons! I used over 100 and my stash doesn't even look like it has been touched.

I've really got to get a picture of me sporting all the button crap I've made! That would be one intense pictures. Hmmm...what other crap can I make with buttons....

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Knit Cookies said...

I love it! I need to go get some buttons!

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

Super cute! I wish you would have included a full body picture. I bet this belt would look so cute with some red heels :) Great idea!

ash said...

This is soooo cute! I can't wait to make one for myself. Love all the different buttons. I better go find a bunch!

Anonymous said...

This is really cool - I haven't seen anything like it before! I bet that it would look great with a simple solid color dress and some boots in the fall. Now I just need to start collecting some buttons... :-)

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