3...2...1...craft! Sponsors, prizes, and a guest judge!

Woohoo! I am so happy that this round none of my sponsors dropped out and I can show you what you're going to win BEFORE you enter! Oh happy day!

Remember, this round of 3...2...1....craft! is FELT! Oh I love felt. Tomorrow I have a fantastic round up that is all things felt and will really kick start those creative juices. You will be amazed at what people can do with the world's most versatile fabric. And you'll be amazed at what you can have the chance to win this round! We've got some amazing sponsors donating equally amazing prizes!

First, we have the lovely and sweeter than sugar Renae, owner of the famous Etsy shop {BenzieBazaar}. If you've ever searched "felt" on Etsy, Benzie will be one of the first shops that pops up. Her shop is filled to the brim with gorgeous, GORGEOUS felt.

{Etsy listing, from guest curator Gingermelon}

She sells beautiful, high quality, wool felt. Yes, wool felt, not cheap plastic stuff. This is the absolute real deal. Once you've worked with wool felt, you will never be able to go back. 

Renae is generously offering you FORTY sheets of 6x9 wool felt. Yes, FORTY sheets! You pick the colors, there are 80 to choose from! Can you even imagine what you could do with forty sheets of amazing felt? Holla! Can't wait? {Buy it here}

So now you have felt, what to do with it? Next up we have the hilarious and witty Katie, owner of the pattern shop {sweet emma jean}. Don't even bother going to any other shop for felt food patterns, because hers are the very best. 

{Etsy listing, felt pizza pattern}

I mean, do you even see this felt pizza? It's what lassoed me into her shop from the get go. Look at the detail! Look at the little jar of marinara sauce, look at those bell peppers, look at the tiny little pizza cutter! Her designs are so intricate and detailed, I have never seen such realistic felt food. And the best part? They are wonderfully priced, you could afford buy every pattern in the shop!

Katie is donating her Summer Combo pattern to our lucky winner! Do you see that cute little tub if ice cream? That tiny little deviled egg? Look at those little bow tie pastas! Ahhh! I can't handle the cute! I am so jealous of you right now. Can't wait to start sewing? Buy this combo {here}

Now, no prize package would be complete without a little something for yourself! Enter my real life friend Chelsea of {Knit Cookies}

{Etsy listing, knot headband}

I've known Chelsea since my freshman year of college. She lived a few apartments down from me in the dorms! And the coolest part? We got married on the EXACT SAME DAY! Not to each other of course, to our super cute husbands! So obviously she looks familiar to me...but why does she look familiar to you? She was the very first winner of 3...2...1...craft! Her rosette t shirt makeover won with well over 50% of the votes! 

Chelsea is offering you my favorite item from her shop, this pretty little ear warmer with a bow! Love this! And with the cool air of fall right around the corner, this is something you will not only love, but something you will need! Want it right this second? Buy it {here}, unless I buy it first. Because you know how I get with gray and yellow. {here} and {here}

Oh man, would it be rude to enter my own contest and choose myself as the winner so I could get all these prizes? 


Dang. Fine. I won't. Party Pooper. I'll bring in a guest judge so I can't choose myself. I had the hubs help me choose the Top Five last round and let's be real here: I love him but he doesn't know anything. (About crafting, he is actually quite smart!) So now I will be bringing in some wonderful guest judges to help me make the almost impossible choice of choosing the Top Five. This round:

My newest sponsor and one of my bloggy BFFs, Kara of {Mine for the Making}. Kara and I will work together to choose the Top Five. We will be looking for projects that are creative, well executed, original, and projects that have that WOW factor! 

Contest starts WEDNESDAY, August 24th. The linky will be open for an entire week, so you have plenty of time to finish up your projects and link up. On Thursday, Kara and I will announce our Top Five, and then you will have a chance to vote for your favorite!

I. Can't. Wait. 


Michelle said...

Found you via Kara and I love this contest idea! Can't wait to make something to submit!!

Ahn Belleza said...

Love the pizza! :)



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