Saturday Spotlight- I Hold All the Cards

I am extra excited to introduce you to {I Hold All the Cards} today, because Brielle and I are real life friends! Yup, we were roommates our very first semester at BYU-Idaho together. Ask me and I will tell you that my first semester of college was by far the most fun. A big reason being I had AWESOME roommates!

Ah yes, the joys of a college freshman. I had two other amazing roommates that semester. Excuse me while I reminisce.

Anyway! Brielle is a fantastic card-maker, which I guess you inferred from the title of her blog. She really is talented! And I know that personally, because way back when I won a whole stack of cards on her blog!
And I loved every single one of them. Every one that I gave them to were really impressed with them too!

Here are some of more favorites:

Amazing right? You'll be even more impressed when I tell you that she also knits....


AND decorates cake!

Yeah, I'm jealous of her multi-talentedness. AND she does it with TWO sweet little boys at home. She is pretty much my idol. I know I dabble in a great many different areas of crafting but I don't have this kinda talent in any of them!

Seriously, stop by {I Hold All the Cards} You will not be disappointed.

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Lindsay (The Craftafarian) said...

Such awesome cards! I really LOVE handmade cards :)

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