3...2...1....craft! prizes and more free things!

Phew, rounding up prizes for this contest has been difficult! I had several awesome sponsors and prizes lined up about a month ago when I first got this idea in my head. And for one reason or another, all but one had to drop out! I guess these summer months have been hard on more than just me! Luckily, I've had some fabulous heroines come to my rescue (and by that I mean a female hero, not drugs.)

For all of you lovelies that have entered this round of 3...2...1...craft! here is what you can win!

This gorgeous seafoam green hair clip from {Pretty Bird Attire!} This little ditty is actually what drew me to this shop, I loved the uniqueness of it! I contacted Charly right away! She is a joy to chat with, she is so passionate about her creations and you really can tell through her beautiful pieces. A little more about PBA:

Hi, my name is Charly with a "y" and it's not short for nothin'. I live in the Puget Sound area of Western Washington. The most beautiful place on earth, in my humble opinion, surrounded by water, evergreen forests, and mountains! I love mountains. I live with my three boys, ages 6, 9, and 30. The 30 yr old is my amazing husband and best friend, Danny. I love being a homeschool mom to my boys and I sing in two choirs on my nights off.

Pretty Bird Attire started with a costume birthday party and the best birthday present ever: a great little sewing machine (thanks Mom!). Since then I've been utterly obsessed with sewing; especially anything historical. I fell in love with corsets. There's something so simple and feminine and beautiful about a corset. And they're wonderfully comfortable! 

I've always loved helping women feel beautiful.There is nothing better than helping another woman realize that she is God's special, BEAUTIFUL, creation. My little mission is to make corsets, clothing, and accessories that you just can't help but feel beautiful in.

See what I mean? She really is wonderful! Not only is she sponsoring a prize for the winner, she is also offering you 10% off your order from her {shop} using code KITTIES11. Fantabulous! She also has a {facebook page} with coupon codes, new listings, and highlights. Click on over, you'll love it. 

Next up, my lifesaver Julie from {Vibrant Designs} is offering you her one of a kind Heidi bag pattern! This is a great pattern, and I can say that because I have this pattern myself! This bag boasts "unique pleated style gives extra space throughout the base of the bag and still has the small handbag feel to it. Each Heidi Bag comes with 3 inside slide pockets, one handle, and magnetic snap closure. Each bag has a handle attached to two silver O-rings. Absolutely stunning!" (That description comes from Julie herself!) 

Julie really has come to my rescue so many times! She's guest posted for me, hosted a giveaway last minute, and now this! She's amazing! She blogs over at {Vibrant Designs} where she posts lots of fun sewing {tutorials} (she has a maxi dress tute that I am just dying to make!), monthly specials, and tons of wit an charm. 

Thanks Julie! (Said maxi dress I must have.)

And finally, your get three yards of pretty fabric to play with! After all, this is a sewing competition, shouldn't you be rewarded with new fabric to play with? I originally had a fabric shop all set and ready, but she dropped out at the very last minute! Lindsay from {The Craftatarian} came to my rescue this time! She went out and bought some fabric just for you!! Seriously, you can't get more awesome than that.

Except when you rescue animals for a living. Which she does! She's a vet tech! And she has cats. You know I love cats. And her boyfriend's name is David, which is my husbands name.  Lindsay describes herself as kinda hippie, crafty, generally easy going, natural, earthy, and simple. She posts over at {The Craftatarian} with all kinds of tutorials, inspiring animal stories, and {Esty} sneaks peaks. 

Thanks Lindsay! 

Just a reminder, the contest ends TOMORROW NIGHT, midnight eastern time. You still have time to finish up those projects and link up! On Tuesday I will post my top five (or I might not, I don't think I'll be able to choose...) and then YOU will get to choose the winner of all this loot! 

 Link up {here}

Oh, and in case you were interested in more free stuff, like free stuff that I make, you should check out {Put a Little Umbrella in Your Drink} because I am giving away a free filigree ring! Love those things! Click {here}

....You're still here? C'mon, I have you like...(went back to count) TWELVE different links to click! But, I love you for reading my posts. :) 

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