I have been SOOO crazy busy this week. I've been at the movie theaters for 6ish hours every night this week, and working! I've been zero productive this week, and I also failed to mention that *I* am having a giveaway over at Ginger Snaps!

I am giving away a $20 credit to my shop! Wicked. (Sorry...too much UK English the past several days.)

That's a lot of stuff! So click HERE to enter, you'll be glad you did.

Also (I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately...) I somehow managed to hit 500 yesterday, so hopefully next week we can have a super fantastic giveaway event! Which also means the 3...2...1... craft contest opening will be pushed back a week. But don't worry! That just gives you an extra week to finish your sewing for summer projects! So really, it's a good thing.

Lots of fun things to look forward to in the upcoming weeks!

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