Lace roundup

Confession: I love doing round ups. I love perusing the internet and finding lovely little gems and gathering them all into one place.  It makes me happy. I hope you enjoy today's lace round up! I LOVE lace, I'm actually working on a lace craft right now! (I'm working on LOTS of crafts right now...I just need to finish one of them. Darn this ADD.)

The best part? Everything I rounded up has a tutorial, so you can recreate everything you see!

Decoupaging with lace from {Urban Comfort}

Lace t-shirt refashion from {The Crafty Cupboard}

Ruffled lace skirt from {The Planner and the Procrastinator}

Lace lamp from {Dos Family}

Lace manicure from {The Look for Less}

Lace heart garland from {Michele Made Me}

Lace envelopes from {we.love.laugh.kiss.}

 Lace bangles from {Rubies and Pearls}

Lace belts from {Make it Perfect}

Lace envelope clutch from {me! :D You don't mind self promoting right?}

Happy Thursday my lovelies. I'm working hard on getting a crafty contest together, it should be fun. :)

Edited to Add: We are ONE like away on my facebook page from having another facebook fans only sale! This means it could happen this weekend!

So how about this, let's have a facebook referral contest. Tell your friends to "like" Kitty Cats and Airplanes on facebook, make sure they mention who sent them! Whoever gets the most friends to "like" KC&A will get a free pair of rose earrings with their facebook fan order.


Lindsay (The Craftafarian) said...

My favorite thing EVER in lace is that pretty scalloped skirt you did a tutorial on. I still haven't made it but I daydream about wearing it... :)

And that clutch is quite awesome too.

Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

i heart lace. Great round up

Screaming Sardine said...

I'm really starting to like lace recently - so much so that I even made a doily and lace wreath. I have no idea why I've grown a liking to lace all of a sudden, but it might be because of the great projects I see online. Your round up is really nice. I esp. love those lace nails. Now who would've ever thought of that!?!

Have a great weekend!

Tracy Screaming Sardine

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