Guest Post- Artfully Caroline

Today I am driving to and from New York to go to a wedding. That's close to 9 hours of driving. For a wedding, that will be entirely in Spanish (which I don't speak). But, it is for a very good friend of David's, so at least he will be having a wonderful time. :) Thankfully, Caroline was willing to fill in for me so you guys aren't totally deprived of craftiness while I am crammed in a black, leather seated, non air conditioned car. Ugh. Wish me luck! Or say a little prayer, I could use both.

Good morning kitties and Kitties' fans,

My name is
Caroline. I'm a wife, working mom, compulsive crafter and for the past few months, a blogger. My little blog is called:

I love to cook, sew and craft for my home, family and friends. Creating keeps me sane and happy in an otherwise crazy stressful busy life.  Here are a few of my latest creations:

I fell into the blogging world a bit by accident almost a year ago and found a great community and wonderful friends already. Amie is of course on the top of the list. We live only a few miles away from each other and have become craft buddies. So I'm especially thrilled to share with you one of my favorite projects today:

Fabric Magnolias
For this projects you will need : 

  • - A scrap of yellow satin

  • - A scrap of green satin (optional)

  • - A candle

  • - A glue gun

  • Cut your petal templates from the cardstock - you need on large and a smaller one (about 2/3 of the large one 
  • Cut 5 large petals and 5 small one (plus one large green if you want to add a leaf

  • - Scissors

  • - A strip of white satin fabric (about 3x30)

  • Singe the edge of each petal to prevent fraying 
  • Fold a small accordion at the wider end of each petal and glue it with a bead of hot glue 


  • Glue the 5 large petals together - It will look like a star
  • Glue the 5 smaller petals offsetting to line up in the gaps from the large one

  • Glue the small piece of yellow satin rolled into a cone in the center I added some pearl from broken costume jewelry

Aren't they pretty ?

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