1000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts & Tips review

Before I start, let me just say that I was not paid to write this review. No one sent me the book to review, no one asked me to share my opinions, I just borrowed this from the library, read it, and I'm telling you what I think.

I few weeks ago, I was browsing the sewing and crafting books at my local library. I pretty much get every book I read at the library, including all sewing and crafting books. I also buy a huge chunk of my books there, they sell children's books for 10 cents to a quarter. I've bought half my classroom library there. I freaking <3 the public library.

This book really caught my attention because I like to sew, but I still have TONS to learn. Out of 1,000 tips I knew I would find some very helpful  ideas in there.

And I did! I learned so many new things I honestly felt like I became a better sewer just by reading the book. But I also found a lot of totally irrelavent submissions. Irrelevant to me, that is. There were entire pages and sections of this book that had nothing to do with me and my interests.
  • How to organize your patterns effectively (oh, all 6 of them?)
  • Customizing your dress form (But I LOVE my invisble, non existant dress form)
  • Courtoure French finishes (gazuntite!)
  • How to indentify hand sewing needles (uh, you mean there isn't just big and small?)
And other things like that. I don't think I will ever need to know how to sew like a chic French designer, because I only sew as a hobby. On the flip side, I learned a ton of new things that will help in my everyday sewing adventures.
  • Discipline instable fabric
  • Finding your inspiration
  • Trouble free darts
  • Clever button ideas
And really a lot more. There was a lot of really fantastic stuff crammed into this book. However, I wouldn't shell out the $20 for it unless you are someone who sews for a living. A hobbyist sewer, like myself, can benefit from this book, but not enough to justify the price tag. Borrow it form the library, and focus on the sections that apply to you. This might be a good book to help push you into the range of a more experienced sewer!

So what's the in simple terms?
If you sew professionaly: buy it and gobble it up.
Hobbyists: check it out from the library.


trophyw.blogspot.com said...

I think I'll go put it on hold at the library and then decide if I want to buy it. I love the library too.

SewHappyGeek said...

Yeah, I always shake my head in wonder when I see discussions about sorting patterns. I have fewer than ten. And those fabric organising ideas too. I live in an English house! I can't store enough fabric to need special organising, lol! Oh how I wish I did!
Glad you feel your skills are improving! I swear having confidence makes you more creative.

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