Tutorial Tuesday- Paper Lanterns

Disney's Tangled comes out today! The hubs is out buying it right now. Tangled quickly climbed it's way to my Top 10 Movies list right after I saw it during Thanksgiving break. I saw it two more times in theaters. I LOVE Tangled. To honor such a glorious day, I decided to make paper lanterns! My dad sent me this link on how to make actual floating paper lanterns, but I didn't have all the materials I needed to make it. {sad face} I still wanted to make some lanterns, so I settled on fun origami balloons instead that I am calling lanterns. 

I was so bummed out. I planned on making a bunch of them and hanging them from Christmas lights, but while I was looking for the lights I realized that we took all of our Christmas stuff to our storage unit 20 miles away. Boo!! So for now, just pretend ok?

The construction of the lantern is simple origami, and chances are you've made these as a kid! I used cheapo dollar store colored printer paper because it's thinner than regular printer paper aaaand I didn't have origami paper! Cut it into a square. (8 1/2" x 8 1/2")

Fold it in half. Since it's a square, it doesn't matter which way you fold.

Fold it in half again.

Open up one of the squares (see how it's going all triangley?)

And smash down that little triangle. Make sure all the corners and edges are nicely lined up before making a crease.

Flip it over.

Push gently on the fold (the one by my thumb.)

And smash down the triangle. Everything should all be triangular now. Make sure you make nice creases!

Just like this!

Fold down one of the corners to the bottom point of the triangle.

Repeat with the other side.

Flip it over and fold down those corners again.

Now, fold in those side corners to the middle of the balloon.

Do it again on the other side.

Flip it over and fold in those corners again!

Right above those folded in corners should be lose flaps. If they aren't there, turn it upside down, they're on the other side. :) Fold the flap down.

And then fold it in.

This is the trickiest part. Flip up the folded flap (say that five times fast!) and it will reveal a little pocket! Gently stuff that folded flap into the pocket.

 See where the pockets are?

And see how it fits in? As long as you gently stuff in it, it should fit in nicely. Do this again for all the other flaps. (Three more times)

Tadahh!! You're done with the folding!

Look at your lantern. One end will be closed, and one end will have a little opening like this. Blow in it. Yes, blow in it, it is a paper balloon after all!

You may have to manipulate it a little bit, tug on some edges and shape it to make it it nice and square. When you're done, you'll have a little lantern/balloon!

I painted a little sunburst on it like from the movie with acrylic paints.

Since I forgot about the lights, I decided to hang them up a different way. I took a toothpick, broke it in half, and tied some thread around it.

And then put the toothpick in the little hole. When you go to pull on the string, it toothpick will prevent the thread from coming out and you'll be able to hang it!

Tahda!! (Again!) I really do wish I had the Christmas lights so that they would look more like the movie, but I think if I make a few more of these and hang them from a mobile it will look mildly authentic. If you need a more visual tutorial, check out this video for a step by step walk through. And for an alternate way of creating the lanterns, click here.

Happy paper folding/Tangled watching! :) Don't forget to check out where I link up!


Kara @ Mine for the Making said...

These are ADORABLE! What a cute decoration they would make for a Tangled bday party!

We are watching Tangled right now. Took the day off for Luci's birthday and went to walmart right after breakfast this morning to buy it...not sure who was more excited...the 3 yr old or the 27 yr old LOL!

Dominique @ Craft Couture said...

very cute! My little girl & I watched that movie today :)...it's so cute!

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

Really cute! My girls and I loved this movie too!

My husband took the 7 year old, and I took the 5 year old, so they could each have their own date. At the end of the movie, my 5 year old says to me "My eyes are getting wet because I'm so happy she found her family." Aw.

Dominique @ Craft Couture said...

I featured this today on my blog! come check it out & get your button :)

AmieAnn said...

This is sooo adorable... and what an awesome tutorial! I am going to have to try this with my little girl! Can't wait! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo party!

Jenn Miyamoto said...

Fun! My daughter LOVES Tangled! Might just have to make some of these for her room.

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