And the winners are....

First of all, some thank yous!
  • Thank you to everyone that stopped by and donated to Austin. Your donation did make a difference!
  • Thank you to everyone that donated items for the giveaway and helped to make it so successful.  
  • Thank you to those that help spread the word about this fundraiser and Austin's transplant! Hopefully even though the giveaway is over,the word will still spread and Austin will get closer to his transplant.
  • Thank you to Scotti from the inner hooker for giving away so many free patterns the first day to those of you that donated. 
  • Thank you Denise from Whimsy Couture for helped with advertising and ideas.
  • And finally Crystal, from Crystal's Craft Spot who really made the whole thing possible. She contacted the donaters, she organized the prize packages, she emailed everyone, she set up the google docs,  pretty much, she did the whole thing. She deserves the credit! Thank you Crystal!
 And of course, all of you! This fundraiser wouldn't have been possible without all of you! Austin's story is so inspiring and he is now even closer to his transplant because of you!

Total amount raised from fundraiser...$854!  His website jumped up $1,059 this week!  I know it may not all be from us but I'm sure there are some of you that donated with entering any of the giveaways so I wanted to include it.  Either way it is pretty exciting!!

Ok ok ok, you want to know who won! Here are our winners!!

Giveaway #1- Kara Trimble
Giveaway #2- Laura Duce
Giveaway #3- Katice Keenan
Giveaway #4- Kimber Fitzgerald
Giveaway #5- Samantha Wayment
Giveaway #6- Jennifer Dixon

Crystal should have emailed all of you. Make sure you dig up that receipt, you won't be able to claim your prizes without that receipt!

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