Saturday Spotlight- Caits Creates

Welcome to the very first addition of Saturday Spotlight! Blogging is a great opportunity to "meet" fantastic, talented women that are full of crafty ideas. (er...I guess there are men out there too. Hello to my three men followers! {waves} Yes...one is my dad and one is my husband. Sooo?)

Moving on! I love reading fun blogs and being inspired, and it is my hope to help spread the awesome-ness. And thus, Saturday Spotlight is born. Each Saturday, I will Spotlight a blog that I love, one chock full of endless inspiration, and one with swagger. (Did I just say swagger?) Do you have swagger? Shoot me and email and if we are a good match, I will feature you in an upcoming Saturday Spotlight! 

I've got a fantastic blog to start off this tradition, Caitlin of Caits Creates. She has a lot of simple, inexpensive crafts (my all time fave time!) as well as impressive transformations, check out that table redo! You won't be disappointed with Caits Creates.


Hi, I'm Caitlin--Full-time graduate student, part-time nanny and part-time human resources assistant. Between school and two jobs it's easy to get burnt out, which is part of the reason I started my blog this year, "Cait Creates". I use my blogging time as a "reward" and in a weird way it helps keep me sane! So far I am loving my blog because it allows me to show off all the fun and creative things I can do to those who fully appreciate it and also leave feedback. I {HEART} comments!   

My friends have always referred to me as the "crafty one" of the bunch, because almost all birthday and graduation presents were something I made! I never bought expensive gifts because I grew up in a very small town in Missouri where my only access to immediate shopping was the dollar store. Looking back I think this is how I learned to turn something inexpensive into something great!

I still use this method today. You'll find that most of my posted projects are those that have been upcycled or revamped to fit my style. I love these type of projects because 1) it saves me money 2) it gets my creative juices flowing and 3) I love seeing the look on someones face when I say "I made that". 

Here are just a few of my favorites I've done in the last few months...
Embellished Flower Pillow

 Isn't she fantastic? Make sure you check out Caits Creates! 


Caitlin @ CaitsCreates said...

Thanks for the spotlight Amie!

Christa Johnson said...

fun idea and I loved the spotlight. How does she find time to craft with that much going on????!!!

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