What I like Wednesdays- Email and bloggy friends

I have comment moderation on my blog so that whenever I get a comment, it is sent directly to my email address. This way, I never miss a comment, and I can reply to each person individually! It saves me so much time, and I love emailing readers, it makes me so happy to make bloggy friends! (Hence, "what I like") But sadly...sometimes when I hit "reply" I get the dreaded noreply-comment@blogger.com. Nooooooooooo!!!! I hate it when that happens! So today, I will show you how to link up your email so that I (well, and everyone else whose blog you comment on) can reply back to you! It's soo easy.

Go to your Dashboard.

See where it says "Edit Profile?" (Left side, next your picture, highlighted in orange.) Click it.

See where it says "Show my email address?" (It has a fancy star around it.) Make sure it's checked!!!! And make sure your email is added in that little box that I put a fancy rectangle around.

That's it!! Now I can reply to your comments and I will be so ridiculously happy! So please oh please make sure that little box is checked. :)

Finally, I like, no LOVE that a reader sent me a link to one of her posts that showed off a button bracelet she made using my tutorial!!!

Didn't she do a fantastic job?? I love the different shades of blue, reminds me of sky at twilight! Thank you Julie (of Vibrant Designs), for making my day! :)


Don't forget to link up your fabulous projects to my Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas party! I'll be featuring a few of my favorites on Sunday!

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