Tutorial Tuesday- Festive Holiday Pin

I know everyone in blogland is doing cutesy Christmas things, like pretty decor and advent calendars and other pretties, but you're probably not going to find much of that here on KC&A this season. You see, I love the little chocolate advent calendars for a buck from the grocery store, and the hubs and I are basement living and my MIL decks out the house and I don't feel like I need to add anything to decked outed-ness of it all. So I'm going to primarily be focusing on Christmas accessories, much like today's post! Christmas pins, ornaments, necklaces, and hopefully a few gift ideas squeezed in there.

Hmm, don't know where that little bit of thought vomit came from. Onto your regularly scheduled Tutorial Tuesday!!
This is Pete (named so by the hubs.) He is an adorably festive Christmas tree pin that festive-fies my oh so bland favorite white hoodie. I love him, he makes me happy. Would you like to have Pete adorn your hopefully-not-as-bland-as-mine white hoodie???

You will need:
  • Green felt
  • Pinking shears
  • Glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • Pin back
  • Cup o' embellishments (what? You don't have one of these?? You should! If not, glitter, pom poms, rhinestones, anything you'd like will work here.)

 Seriously looove my cup o' embellishments.

Fold your green felt in half so that you'll end up with two Christmas tree shapes. (This is optional, I just wanted my pin to have a little more structure.) Cut out a Christmas tree shaped triangle with your pinking shears.

Get really mad at blogger for ALWAYS turning your stupid pictures upside down or sideways, try to get over it, and then realize that the picture still works....I guess. You'll have two triangles now, glue them together with hot glue.
Now you can embellish it! I added some ribbon to mine to mimic garland.

I didn't bother cutting the ribbon in between. NOTE: The ribbon I used was a tad too thin, I tried really hard to squeeze out thin lines of hot glue but I still ended up with a few glue gun smears. I'll cover them up a little next.

I snipped off the extra ribbon and dug through my cup o' embellishments. I found this cute little star button and this glittery present! I totally lucked out. Glued em on.

Glue a pin on the back.

WAH-BAM!! Almost instantly festive. I think Pete is utterly adorable, and I think he might need a candy cane, Santa hat, and ornament to go with him. Ooooh, maybe in a girly hair clip? (Am I still allowed to wear those??

Happy crafting! Don't forget to check my "Parties" tab to see where I'm linking up! And for all my Jewish friends and readers out there, have a happy start of Hanukkah!

Have you linked up your Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas (here) yet?? Make sure you do! I'll be featuring my favorites this Sunday! :)


Beth @ Wiccan Make Some Too said...

Wickedly cute! Pete is quite festive for sure.

Caroline @ Atelier Caroline said...

Great idea .. love it !!

Kate said...

You have a darling page! I love the vintage look :) I grabbed your button and I'm now following you!

Hope you'll come visit :)


Peace & Love - have a fabulous week!

AmieAnn said...

This is sooo adorable! I love it! Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party! Can't wait to see what you share next week!

Julie said...

Your recent button bracelet tutorial is what finally drug me out to Joanns Black Friday Sale to purchase jewelry making tools that were 40% off. You go to my blog and see my button bracelet :)


Thanks for the tute! I'll be keeping my eyes open for more!!


Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Very cute, this would make an adorable hair bow!

Sassy Sites! said...

So cute! I would love for you to link this up to our Sassy Christmas party- Christmas with FABRIC! :)


maria said...

Great tutorial! It's going to be perfect for my little girl!
I find you from tartetos and jelo.
I am your newest follower.Please come and visit me at my blog!Thank you!

Crystal said...

So Cute! These would make really cute bows.

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